Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Phone Messages - July/August

Ho-Kay, so I am going to start something new.

When I was young my mother, the creative type that she is, changed our answering machine voice message monthly. Mind you, this was back when answering machines were this boxy thing with a tape recorder that sat next to the phone in your parent's bedroom. We would huddle around the little black box and come up with great singsongs.

Our messages were always clever and I don't want to forget them. So, as the months wear on throughout the year, I will be radonmly recalling these phone messages.

I will have you know that these are not copyrighted but when you do decide to use them, please, after you sing your message add a disclaimer that says (in a totally straight movie-trailer voice), "created by Mam". That would be appreciated.

And, as a tip, if you are currently teaching your children how to answer the phone, this pharse is exteremly popular with the adult crowd when a precious 6 year old is picking up the phone, "This is Emily, who is this please?" How can you not tell the little one on the other line who the hell is calling?

Anywho, I disgress. Back to the message. I would like to start you off with our summer-time message.

Sung to "Happy Wanderers".

"We are out a wandering, along the mountain track.
And, if you leave a message, we are sure to call you back.
Valdaaaree *sung by Pah* (valdaaaree *sung by Sissy and Em*), Valdarawwww *sung by Pah* (valdarawwww *sung by Sissy and Em*), Valdaaaree *sung by dad* (valdaaaree *sung by Sissy and Em*), *everyone* Valdarah, ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha (with aburpt ending emaphsis)."

And there you have it. The best summer answering machine message ever!


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Claire said...

Haha yes, instead of the odd abrupt ending I think another valderee/valerah with a crescendo-ing "annnnd weee willl calll youuu baaaaaaack" would have been nice finale. I can't wait for the rest of this trip down memory lane!