Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nettle Hummus

I picked my last nettle harvest this past weekend. I plan on making some soup to eat and some to freeze for post-baby times. Nettle soup will definitely be good for a breastfeeding mom and her wee babe.

During this nettle season I made pesto, soup, quiche, and hummus. Everything I have made is so delicious. I haven't had one recipe failure. My hummus was especially good and I am still working on it. It is such an easy recipe that I would love to share it with you. In fact, you should get some nettles for yourself. Go into the woods somewhere and find some nettles. Just picked off the tender tops (with some gloves and long clothing, mind you) but make sure the plants aren't more than a foot or so tall, otherwise, the plant will have developed some sort of something that is indigestible.

Anywho, here is the recipe.

Nettle Hummus
makes 3 cups

2 c cooked chickpeas (I soaked 1 1/2c dried chickpeas and cooked those up since I prefer dried beans)
2 1/2c fresh nettles
3 cloves garlic
1/2c olive oil
Juice of one lemon
3/4t salt
Pepper to taste

1. First let's deal with those nettles. Get a pot of boiling water going and stick in the nettles for about 2 minutes. Then, dump them in an ice bath and leave out to drain on a towel for a few minutes.
2. Put your cooked chickpeas in a food processor with the garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Process until smoothish.
3. Roughly chop up the nettles and throw into the processor.
4. Start processiong all the ingredients and while it is going, add the olive oil.
5. Process until smooth adding more oil and salt, if needed.

Enjoy this wonderful spring hummus with crackers, veggies, or anything that could use a good spread!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Shit List

I have never said this in my life but my animals are all on my shit list. This week I didn't even care when Stanley was left outside at night because he refused to come home after his curfew.

I think the animal babies are getting a taste of the my post-baby medicine (aka mean, cranky momma). I feel bad but if they can't pull their shit together Mommy is going to have some major issues with them.

Buk: This week lovely Buk didn't really get to go to the dog park because I had a busy week and it was pretty rainy most mornings. Buk decided to take it out on me by chewing up my slipper and then some other random things he found. The day he chewed up my slipper I played ball with him for 15 minutes and then took him for a 20 minutes walk. So much for trying to give him exercise. He was very ungrateful. Damn bastard.

Stanley: Now, I feel badly about Stan's situation. This is gross but Stanley has tape worms right now because he probably killed something with them. However, Stanley has been untreated because the pet store was out of medicine. I ordered some online but it hasn't arrived yet. Therefore, Stanley isn't allowed in the bedroom and snuggling isn't quite as sweet. But still, he should have eaten a damn mouse with tape worm.

Simon: Oh Simon, you are so cute but goddamnit, stop fucking pissing around the house. As of this report, Simon peed somewhere in the living room and I haven't discovered the location yet. I put him outside every single day but sometimes when it is rainy he just sleeps all day in the cat house and then when it is time to come inside, it is time for him to get out all his energy. He and Stanley chase each other around and get all excited. And, for some reason, this is when Simon likes to show how awesome he is by pissing on something. He is really getting on my damn nerves.

I love my babies. I really do. But they need to pull it together. Otherwise, their lives are going to be pretty miserable soon because I will have no patience for their faults! I can't believe I am saying that.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bradley Method Birthing

Mr Pepperworth and I decided to take the Bradley Method birthing class for our first little one. We chose it for a couple of reasons: a) it is a natural birthing method b) it compliments our desire to have a birth center birth c) it emphasizes and teaches the Mr about coaching the mother through labor.

We really like the method and how it is giving Mr Peps some tools for the birthing room and me some exercises that will, hopefully, help prepare my body for the marathon that is labor. Currently my plan is to give into my labor and let Mr Peps coach me through it (he will also have the help of my cousin, who is our doula).

The method addresses nutrition, all the stages of labor, what Mr Peps can do to help me through the different stages, and most importantly, it addressed the need for a nice cold glass of orange juice just after labor. Seriously. The Bradley people love OJ. But, I gotta agree with them. That damn glass of orange juice will probably be fucking delicious, but I am already partial to the stuff.

Anywho, the only hang up we have had about the class is that week 4 was all about debunking medicine and hospital births. I mean, the reason we came to the class was because we believe that natural birth is well, natural, and we would really like for that to happen (although we are creating a birth plan for if that isn't able to happen). We didn't need our teacher (who is awkward conversationally) to tell us why we should avoid epidurals and what not. Granted, Mr Peps "believes in science" and likes to have facts backed up so when ms. bradley teacher starts spewing out some pretty random facts, he starts rolling his eye and I start thinking, oh shit, oh shit.

But, other than that, it is going pretty well. We just don't need all the hippy dippy stuff that isn't tested. Don't get me wrong, we believe that natural birth will be good for us and we are glad we are taking the class! Sometimes, I just wish the class was a bit cheaper and that some of the things the teacher said was backed up by some research (some of it is mind you, but also some of it isn't).

I would definitely recommend the class to other people, especially those who want the partner to be very involved. Knowing all the information they have given me and having all the exercise tools makes me feel excited about birth, whereas before, I was pretty damn nervous.

And now for a dog/husband picture...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three Months Countdown

Well, I finally did it. I made the decision to stop running this last week.

Two weekends ago, when I was 25 weeks pregnant, I went running/jogging a couple of times during the week and on the weekend I ran one mile and walked one mile. It always feels so good to get out in the sun and go for a little jog. But, alas, my body has failed me and after each run I am tired and my body aches. My back and knees are what hurt the most, even though I try and tuck my tailbone in to support my back.

So, I am giving in. It isn't really worth it to run and be sore for the rest of the day and then the night too because it makes my hips hurt. It sucks though, honestly. Walking will be fine but, dammit, running is faster. It's okay though, I just have to make the time to go walking now. I shall start today and see how long it takes to walk a couple of miles. I will also see how my body feels afterward.

On another note, I am in my third trimester! Three more months. They will probably be the hardest but as long as Mr Peps doesn't complain about my complaining, we should be fine. Plus we have baby showers, the end of our birth class, and a real live baby to look forward to! It is all going to be exciting and right now what we talk about most is having a baby sleeping next to us that we can cuddle in the middle of the night, if we want. (Yes, he is going to sleep with us for a bit to make breastfeeding and what not easier.)

We are on the final stretch people.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did You Know?

This is a "did you know" of some random thoughts/trivia facts:

1. I bought a lot of flower seeds/tubers this weekend. I can't wait to get them all started and going!

2. Cloth diapering is a complicated system these days with so many options! It is hard to understand all the different diaper methods. Although, after watching these videos, things are a bit clearer.

3. Kids say funny things when they realize you are pregnant. Some good ones include, "Is that a baby (pointing to your stomach)?" "Are you making a baby in there (again, pointing at your stomach)?" "Are you pregnant? I thought you looked big." Oh, the joys of working with kids everyday.

4. Hippopatomus milk is pink.

5. Being 26 weeks pregnant makes you feel huge (because you can't squeeze into your pre-pregnancy pants anymore and after a workout your body hurts all over!) but then when you see a picture you realize that you really aren't that big.

6. The Ruzzle app is the best! It is Boggle for the ithing system.

7. I haven't beaten my younger sister at Ruzzle yet and I have played her at least 20 times.

8. I can't pass the chip aisle without purchasing new chips. I have 5 bags of different chips open right now because while I keep buying them, I don't eat them faster. My favorite at the moment are Dill Pickle Lays.

9. When you ask people what a baby dear is called, most will answer "doe" quickly. The answer is "fawn". Try it.

10. I have a cute husband.