Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bradley Method Birthing

Mr Pepperworth and I decided to take the Bradley Method birthing class for our first little one. We chose it for a couple of reasons: a) it is a natural birthing method b) it compliments our desire to have a birth center birth c) it emphasizes and teaches the Mr about coaching the mother through labor.

We really like the method and how it is giving Mr Peps some tools for the birthing room and me some exercises that will, hopefully, help prepare my body for the marathon that is labor. Currently my plan is to give into my labor and let Mr Peps coach me through it (he will also have the help of my cousin, who is our doula).

The method addresses nutrition, all the stages of labor, what Mr Peps can do to help me through the different stages, and most importantly, it addressed the need for a nice cold glass of orange juice just after labor. Seriously. The Bradley people love OJ. But, I gotta agree with them. That damn glass of orange juice will probably be fucking delicious, but I am already partial to the stuff.

Anywho, the only hang up we have had about the class is that week 4 was all about debunking medicine and hospital births. I mean, the reason we came to the class was because we believe that natural birth is well, natural, and we would really like for that to happen (although we are creating a birth plan for if that isn't able to happen). We didn't need our teacher (who is awkward conversationally) to tell us why we should avoid epidurals and what not. Granted, Mr Peps "believes in science" and likes to have facts backed up so when ms. bradley teacher starts spewing out some pretty random facts, he starts rolling his eye and I start thinking, oh shit, oh shit.

But, other than that, it is going pretty well. We just don't need all the hippy dippy stuff that isn't tested. Don't get me wrong, we believe that natural birth will be good for us and we are glad we are taking the class! Sometimes, I just wish the class was a bit cheaper and that some of the things the teacher said was backed up by some research (some of it is mind you, but also some of it isn't).

I would definitely recommend the class to other people, especially those who want the partner to be very involved. Knowing all the information they have given me and having all the exercise tools makes me feel excited about birth, whereas before, I was pretty damn nervous.

And now for a dog/husband picture...

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Melody said...

If my sister is doing a method is sounds really similar to what you are talking about. She is going to attempt to do a total natural birth but she had to have it at Madigan Hospital at Ft Lewis since her husband is military. But the class taught her husband to be the coach. She went to an appointment yesterday and is already 3 cm dilated - so she is probably going to have it (her) in the next couple of days!!