Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sammy Boy

Now, I know I am a cat crazy momma. I love my babies maybe too much for just being pets but I don't have children yet so my animals take up a large percentage of my heart. And that is okay.

It just makes it much harder when they disappear and/or die.

A couple of years ago, Sammy went missing for two weeks. TWO WEEKS people. I went through the whole crying and grieving stage because my sister and husband both told me he probably wasn't coming back. I had made peace with that and then one Sunday I get a phone call from the pet finder place (to which Sam had a microchip) and Sam came back. Not the very next day...but 13 days later. Hallelujah, my family was back together and Stanley had his twin back.
 The emotions that went along with that ride were crazy. I went from being sad then beyond happy.

Sam always was an adventurous boy. He was the hunter, the explorer, and he generally did what he wanted but every few days he would need major attention from the time Tyler got out of bed to when we went to bed and he would scratch at the door wanting to sleep with us. Those time when he would lay stretch out on your lap or curl up under the covers because he liked to be warm, he was a precious baby. He loved his ma and pa and they loved him. He knew that.

On Saturday morning, Sam was laying with Buk in the kitchen fighting for the heater vent. They comprised and each got half. Sam was in a very happy mood, he got to "fight" with me in the morning as I rolled my shirt over my fist and rubbed his tummy, and he went outside and I even said out loud, "Sam and Stanley are having a good time outside in the sun." I also made a blog post title to add to later called "sweet twins" but that will now be left unfinished because that may just kill me.

Sammy in play "fight" mode
Later that morning Sam was crossing the street to his hunting grounds when he was hit by a car. Tyler found him (he had died soon after being hit, if not instantly) and put him in a box before he told me. (That was definitely the smart thing to do as I know I would not have handled that situation well.) We were both outside working and did not see nor hear Sammy get hit, which was probably a good thing. I had Tyler open the box so I could give Sam one last pet and smell and then we buried him in the field where he hunted shrews.

We will miss Samsonite so very much and soon (hopefully) I won't be so sad that he is gone. In the mean time, thinking about his sweet face and soft ears makes me sad he won't be on my lap later but at least Sam had a good life and was outside on a sunny day (something he always preferred).


Jenny said...

So sad . . . losing is pet so extremely hard because you love them without any complicated emotions . . . It's just love . . . Sorry about Sam :(


The Momma said...

I'm so sorry Emmy. You are a loving momma and I know how painful it is when you can't save your babies from hurt and suffering....if it were possible I would erase all sadness you are feeling.
I had never seen the baby in the box picture. It looks like a cardboard picture of a kitten sticking out of the box 'cus he's so cute and tiny. I will miss your paper thin pretty boy with his quirky personality.