Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Poor Brain

I have a little brain problem. The fact that I wrote "brian" instead of "brain" twice would be an example of my problem. It isn't that I don't pay attention to what I am doing, it is that I have to think extra hard on certain words and numbers all.the.time.

Luckily, I have a mother who suffers from the same brain dysfunction so I grew up learning "tricks" to words. Like, every time I spell Michael, which happens to be my father's name, my brain process goes like this...."M-I-C-H-um, he doesn't like "emily" best so A-E (that would be me "e"mily)-L". No joke. And I know my father loves me bestest mostest of everyone but that is the trick I remember for my father's name.

Think I am dumb yet?

Well, wait for it.

Yes, just wait.

It gets better.

I really embarrass myself now.....

I always, ALWAYS refer to wind shield wipers as "front shield windwipers" and "back shield windwipers". Mr Pepperworth told me to buy front shield windwipers last week and I was all, "okay, what kind". He said, "Did you notice how I said that". I said, "Yeah, you asked me to buy front shield windwipers". He's all, "Get it? Get how you said that?" I'm all, "what? Oh *giggle* whoops. I totally knew what that meant." One minute goes by, "Wait, what are they really called." Thirty seconds go by, "No seriously, what are those really called?" Mr Pepperworth thinks "worthless."

Luckily I don't have to ask people about their windwipers very often.

So, although I have some faults, I find them charming sometimes. I bet Mr Pepperworth doesn't think it is so charming when I tell him to go left when I meant right but most of the day occasionally it really does take my brain some extra time to think things through. I learn fun songs for tricks though and I get to go through life singing about the days of the month, peoples' names, word tricks and phone numbers.

My hard working brain cells make for good times, like Aunt Judy is "Anut Judy" and every year on my work review, I always add a little extra on the "to improve" line. This year was to "learn the difference between it's and its". I could never keep it straight but luckily I have a trick to remember it now. Thanks to the Boss. Gold Star!

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The Momma said...

Oh I love you and your funny little brian. You and I don't 'suffer the same brain dysfunction", "we celebrate our creative mental function". It's brought Pa and I a great deal of joy... like when you always said "Don't dilute, don't deplute" for "Give a hoot, don't pollute". (Can you work that into the slogan for Pepperworth Farms?) And you grew up in Catoma (Tacoma) and we would vacation in Canadia (Canada). I always love riding with you because you say turn that way and point so I actually know which way to go without going through a lengthy mental process to figure out right & left and totally miss turning at all.
And if Mr. Pepperworth can't appreciate it then HE is Mr. Worthpepperless.