Monday, June 27, 2011

Pity Post

Just yesterday it seems like I was finishing the spring fastpitch season and was planning all my summer camping trips. I was looking at my calender and realizing I had a full month ahead of me and I needed to put some things aside in order for me to get all those things done. Just yesterday I told you I wasn't going to post anything for awhile.

Holy shit, just yesterday was 3 weeks ago. Has it really been 3 weeks? I can't believe it. It may have seemed long for you without my witty words but for me I am pretty sure the last thing I knew was that it was the first day of spring and then, like, 6 days ago they told me it was the first day of summer. I am also hoping that my calender is wrong and Father's Day is in fact July 3.

I'm tired.

Honestly though, the whirlwind that has been my life isn't over but I promised to show myself again today and that is what you shall have. Lovely ole Me.

Let's see though, besides trying to make you feel sorry for me, I wanted to give you a brief overview of what I did while I was away. In "list" form.

1. That running I said I was going to do....well I did it. Well, most of it anyway. Mostly I just dreamt I was running.

2. I had a huge event at work that went very well. I talked to Jake Locker and he responded. And, I love him. And, I met saw his wife who is also a brunette. That makes me feel good about myself.

3.  Red (my sis in law) moved in. It is great. However, every time I turned around the goddamn dishwasher is full and/or ready to be emptied. Granted, she empties it, which is uber cool. What is not cool though is she watched, For the Love of the Game in my home.

4. I started a facebook page for our farm. I pretty much just entered the name but it is a start.

5. And, one of the biggest events that happened was the acquiring of another g.d. cat! (g.d. = god damn.) The story is as follows...I went to work. A girl brought kittens to my work and was handing them out to other young girls. I heard. I arrive at the scene when only one cat was left to be given. I confiscated the cat. Maybe I was going to take it to the Humane Society, we don't know. I didn't really want to keep the black/white kitten. Kitten is a girl. Cute, but I wasn't feeling it. Decision to auction off cat in big work event made. We are foster home for a week. Kitten is temporarily named Suzanna (for Oh, Suzanna sake). Kitten is a boy. Now named, A Boy Named Sue. Red falls in love with kitten. Red buys kitten at auction. I bang my head against the wall.

So yea, we have another shitter in the house. He is very precious and sometimes we call him Sue. However, he will be leaving in December. Its a good thing, we need room for next year's cat since we seem to acquire a new one every year.

There you have it. Some main life happenings of the last three weeks. Tomorrow I have to go to work and be with children ALL day long so lord help us all. I think we are all going a little crazy at the moment with the busy schedules. Mr Pepperworth just looked and Simon and said, "Wouldn't it be fun to take cats camping?" He really thought it would be fun.

Someone help this household.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My June Leave

I have some bad news.

I am sorry, I really am.

But I have to do it.

I am leaving you for awhile. My life is just too busy right now. I am sorry, I must leave you in order to make time for my husband. It was either you or him. I chose him. I'm sorry, I really am. I may regret it, I know.

From now until the time I return I will: run 20+ miles a week, work with children daily, coach 3 practices a week, go to another fastpitch tournament, pull 12,540 weeds, clean the toilet 3 times (if it's lucky), sleep in twice, get home after 8pm four times a week, get a new housemate (my sister in law is moving in for the summa), start some net-media for the farm, and hold an auction for my work. Hopefully you understand.

That means, mark your calenders for Monday June 27. That is when I will be back. In full force. Clever, awesome, beautiful, and hella f-ing tired.

I'll miss you. You'll miss my new potato salad recipe, don't worry though, I'll be back before the really good BBQs start.

Best ever ending to a BBQ