Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Babies

I shouldn't have sweet babies out here in the county. Whenever one doesn't come home for the night, I flip thinking he was run over by a car, eaten by a cougar, or decapitated by a hay tractor (I know, it's bad, huh?). Now, I do have a valid reason be somewhat worried; one baby, Sam, was gone for 3 weeks last year trapped under a house. I was sure he was dead and cried about it for a week but he is safe and sound at home after someone finally found him (not the actual owner's of the house mind you).
Recently, Stanley was gone for 24 hours. Totally unlike him. I got up at 6am and searched all the ditches near our house on the road and cried all morning at work. I went home during the middle of the day to see if he returned. Turns out the little bastard was waiting for me at the back door. I spanked him soundly and put him inside.
So obviously I get a little too attached and want everyone (even animals) to be safe so that is why my children have rules. They have to be inside by 8p. I do this because I don't want them to be outside at night. There are coyotes, skunks, spiders, vampires, and cougars (there was a cougar sighting at our neighbors house 2 weeks ago) that hunt at night and I would feel better just having everyone in the house at night time. It works pretty well and we have a good routine going. That is until this guy came along and everyone was thrown out of whack (although Sam and Stanley are not hissing quite as much today and still did come home by curfew last night).

Meet Simon. Okay, so Simon isn't 100% ours yet, I still feel like someone will come looking for him in this upcoming week. But here is the story, I was on a run Friday when I was passing someone's overgrown field. I heard a kitty meowing and I stopped (because I always stop when I hear a kitty because I assume that it is lonely and just needs some love, what can I say, I am a sucker for sweet friendly cats). Anywho, this little orange kitten comes running across the street to me crying with some nice scratches and blood on his face. I scooped him up and looked around amazed that this tiny kitten just come running out of the bushes to me. And...he wasn't scared of Buk at all, he just wanted some major attention! The house I was near has a locked fence so I couldn't go ask them about this cat. So.....of course, I took the kitten home. I didn't want to leave him by himself, he obviously needed some help. I flagged down a car to call T who was at home so he could come pick me up (I still had a mile left to go until I made it home). But, T didn't get the message and I ran/walked home with this kitten crying in my shirt.
Later that day, I went to the houses around where he came out of the brush and no one claimed him, I even left a note on the house with the locked gate. They never called. So, it looks like we might have ourselves a new kitty. (Plus, if you know me, you know I love orange cats and wanted one next anyway.) I keep wondering where Simon came from though. Was he a barn cat? A feral cat? I don't know but he is VERY sweet and friendly and wanted to be found bad!
Here are some pics and a video of the new addition (although again, someone might claim him, I don't know and if someone does, he goes home because I know how awful it feels to think you lost your babe). If no one claims him, off to the vet he goes next week for his baby shots.

this one was after a bath in the sink

Oh, and Stanley got a new collar, he asked me to take a picture to post because he thinks he looks amazing!


The Momma said...

A new grandkitty! I'm so excited. I hope the adoption goes through. I can't wait to play with him. You're collecting all your childhood cats - eech, skip the striped tabby. Be aware that orange cats are friendly but fickle. Punkin came up to Pa when he was walking home and years later he disappeared. Then there is 'lives up the street' Otis.

As for other information in your blog:
*Now you understand why I stayed up until you got home or had you come wake me. If I did go to bed, I set the alarm set to wake me if you were late.
*Flagged down a car? Where was your cell phone when you are out on a run in case the cougar attacks you? And what if you flagged down the local serial killer - your babies are too young to lose their mother.
*Tell Stanley I think his new collar makes him look very happy and gay.

Anonymous12 said...

Awww ... He is a kute kitten. Ratso was our abandoned kitten, who lived a very long kitty life with us !

CM said...

Your kitties look so sweet. I completely understand being worried and taking good care of them. My Henry and Mandy are more important than I can say. (My mother-in-law too says she has grand-kitties) :) I am also glad you were around to rescue Simon! He's a cutie.