Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last Days

Time to get my mush on. Mush as in mushy, lovey dovey shit.

I get married in 20 days.

I am very excited to celebrate my marriage with everyone and throw a big shindig.

I have been with T for at least 10 years and it seems like we are already married. That is what make everything so exciting. We will be "official" and I won't have a boyfriend anymore.

I am still not 100% keen on changing my last name though. However, I will be changing it. I want the same last name as my children. Kids with hyphenated names sound snobby. My bachelorette party will not only celebrate ladies but it will also celebrate my last days of being a Herold. I will send Herold off with a bang and put him in the corner to be reserved for later use.

Anyway, what led this on all this wedding talk is that I really appreciate T and all he is doing. I may have over booked and exerted myself in the weeks leading up to the wedding (granted, I don't regret it at all. I am doing things that I really want to do) but things are keeping me very busy and the house and garden have been somewhat neglected by muah. T has stepped up his hours outside though and is doing! to make our land beautiful of our wedding. (shout out to my sweet mother who came and cleaned my house this weekend.) T has been very understanding in all the things I am doing and I so appreciate that. Honestly, I was anticipating some crankiness and frustration because I am doing things that don't include him but he is being so supportive and I couldn't ask for a better boy.

I am so glad that T will be my husband and all his love will make being a flat out Marrs worth it.


The Momma said...

Very sweet how you love the boy and he loves you.

What about this...I took my husband's last name so I too would have the same name as my children. Where does that leave me when my children change their names? Humph. Claire Herold, don't you even think about it!

Gevan said...

Well I'm happy you'll be an official Marrs...