Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Incredible Journey

Yes, this is about Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Only with an English Pointer, a Siamese cat, and an orange Tabby.

Sometimes Mr Pepperworth and I like to pretend Buk, Stan, and Simon will go on an adventure someday. Not because we left them alone or anything. No, it will be because they just want to go for a hike and because they are getting to be adults.

We will let them go and give them packs to carry food, water, and treats but the hike will turn somewhat dangerous when they become lost because Buk left his map at home and Stanley forgot his compass. That's when the homeward bound part turns into real life! Of course, we will be looking for them and have helicopters out but we won't find them for a couple days. And, in those couple of days where they are lost, the story will go a little something like this (as dictated by Mr Pepperworth and myself over the course of a few years of storytelling):

Buk, Simon, and Stanley have been lost in the North Cascades for three days after going on a hike. They come to a river and need to cross....
"Whoa, water. We're three brothers who LOVE swimming, let's go!" - Simon
"Oh man, you know I don't go in water." - Buk
"Yea, I'm with Goofy over here. Water mattes my fur like nothing else!" - Stanley
"Do you two want to see Mom and Dad anytime soon? If so, you are going to have to figure out a way to cross."-Simon
Just then Buk falls into the river after peering over the bank to watch a fly float on the water. Splashing and doggie paddling ensues.
"Dog overboard!" - Simon
"Quick, let's run down stream and see if we can stop him somewhere!" - Stanley
After running downstream, the cats find a bridge and an old fishing net. They hold the net in their teeth and catch Buk but of course Buk is too big and they drop him. Luck is on their side though and there is a logjam under the bridge. Buk climbs to safety on that. Everybody is safe but Buk is very wet and walks with his tail between his legs and his ears down.
They all lay on the bank panting for a minute.
"Whew, we thought we may have dog-gone lost you forever on that one Buky." - Simon
Stanley, not amused, "at least we all are safe for the moment. Look, over there! A road!" 
"Let's see if we can catch a ride!" - Buk, whose mood has turned around suddenly.
They all run off together to the road and see if they can't get a ride into town on a watermelon truck.

And, scene!

As you might be able to tell, Simon is the smart but funny one. He knows what is going on and can get the group together to focus on getting home safely. Buk is the goofy one of course. He gets stuck in the brambles and falls in the river and when it is time to decide which path to take Buk always chooses the path with a cougar waiting at the end behind the big rocks. Stanley is the prissy one. He usually drags behind the rest trying to clean his fur and complain. But, although Stanley complains, he is pretty tough and super brave. He is also the serious one, when he isn't looking for his flea comb.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Man needs a Maid

With busy weekends and even busier weekdays, I have a few chores that tend to get shoved to the bottom of the list.

These would include (but are not limited to): mopping the kitchen, cleaning the shower, weeding the overgrown mess at the front of the driveway, and taking care of the huge pile that is the laundry. I am really good at cleaning the laundry but not so much into folding.

Throughout our relationship together, I have never folded Mr Pepperworth's clothes. (Maybe I did once when he was sick or something but he would really have to be sick.) I know that many girlfriends and wives fold the laundry but Mr Pepperworth knew I did not love him enough to do that when he married me.

With that said, it also should be known that I don't like folding my own laundry. I need a laundress. That is a woman (but a man, preferably one that could also act as pool boy, would suffice) who comes in and folds laundry.

Right now there is one week worth of clean laundry on the bed/laundry baskets and there is definitely another weeks worth of clothes in the dirty laundry basket.

I am not proud of myself. No siree. I just want a laundress goddamnit. Actually, a TV in my room would work too. Folding just gets so f-ing boring!

Yes, that is a bed full of laundry....and Stanley. He loves the pile.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

S + LB

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Pepperworth added "photographer" to his resume. He photographed the wedding of Sissy and Little Bear. I just mailed Sissy the pictures today but with it being Labor Day weekend and all, she won't get them for awhile. So, to whet her palette, and my mother's because she is wetting her pants in excitement, I am posting some of the photos (there are over 325 edited and 1,000 non edited pics). These aren't even the best ones because those are a surprise for Sissy and LB.

I love these so much and unfortunately this post doesn't make them look as good as they really are but you can click on each one to make it full size and quality.

Mam and her babies

LB and his bro and nephew

Pretty Sissy

Aweshum fabric flowers made by Mam


Booyah II

LOVE THOSE, made by Pah

Table settings, so beautiful!

The 'rents

Me and Pah

Footloose = fun

Part of the high kick competitions

Bros in Law