Thursday, September 1, 2011

S + LB

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Pepperworth added "photographer" to his resume. He photographed the wedding of Sissy and Little Bear. I just mailed Sissy the pictures today but with it being Labor Day weekend and all, she won't get them for awhile. So, to whet her palette, and my mother's because she is wetting her pants in excitement, I am posting some of the photos (there are over 325 edited and 1,000 non edited pics). These aren't even the best ones because those are a surprise for Sissy and LB.

I love these so much and unfortunately this post doesn't make them look as good as they really are but you can click on each one to make it full size and quality.

Mam and her babies

LB and his bro and nephew

Pretty Sissy

Aweshum fabric flowers made by Mam


Booyah II

LOVE THOSE, made by Pah

Table settings, so beautiful!

The 'rents

Me and Pah

Footloose = fun

Part of the high kick competitions

Bros in Law


The Momma said...

Aaahhhhhhh, thank you! Just a little tingle - I work in schools, I have excellent bladder control. Hundreds more! Killin' me to wait.

TheAnut said...

Great job !