Saturday, February 20, 2010


That says the way.

I haven't posted a recipe in a long time and I have been making many new things lately. I made cupcakes a couple times and soup and pasta and bubble tea and so on and so forth. I haven't felt like sitting down and writing out the recipes though. But. It is time to give out another creation.

SIDE NOTE: T has two cameras. One camera has had a missing battery for oh, about two years. He hasn't acquired another one. (Amazon, what?) His other camera is broken, the lens is f-ed. I think he broke it on purpose because he "needs" a new camera. Not true. You don't need to get a crystal clear shot of someone's eyeball when you are standing 100 yards away. Just saying.
(p.s. for those of you that may not know, "anyways" is not a word. Ask my mom.) that means I won't have any new pictures for awhile. I will have to steal from the internet. Sorry.

Okay, so. Let's say you go to Top Food, Safeway, or whatever store you have in your town. For the sake of this, I go to Haggen. It is Valentines Day and amazingly I don't really feel like cooking. I want jo-jos and sesame noodles and fried rice and anything in the deli pre-made section. Of course, I don't actually buy anything, I talk myself out of needing to eat and buy that crap. However, I come home and those brown sesame noodles are on my mind. They are made of probably like 5 ingredients. Noodles, soy sauce, green onions, sugar, sesame seeds. I love that shit. It is so simple and good! Then, it dawns on me....I am pretty sure I could make that. So I do.

The recipe 'tis here and it is spelled the way it is because it is simple and "without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc.; bare". That's right!

(pic used from gimme some oven. Link on pic)

created by Me
servings 2 or 3 lunches

4 oz sweet potato noodles (These are the clear noodles you buy at an asian market)
1/4c soy sauce
1/8c sesame oil
1/8c sweet rice vinegar (I use AJI Mirin)
1 clove garlic
1/2 green onion
sesame seeds

1) Cook the noodles according to the package
2) mix soy sauce, oil, vinegar, and garlic in a container big enough for the noodles later
3) chop the green onion
4) When noodles are cooked, drain and rinse with cold water
5) Put noodles in the liquid mixture and toss
6) Sprinkle green onions on top
7) Put the noodles in the fridge with a lid for about an hour, or until cold. Try to remember to stir the noddles a couple times during their fridge-time. It will help the noodles soak up the liquid more evenly.
8) When ready to eat, sprinkle with sesame seeds

If you want to put tofu in the liquid, it would soak up the mixture well too. Just use a little more liquid as the noodles will soak all of it up as it sits and cools. Prefect to make ahead and eat for lunch or something. Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What I wouldn't give for Rabbit Ears

At about 1p on 2/15, I wrote this:

Okay, so living in the county means we don't have cable. Comcast doesn't reach out here. Apparently laying down thousands dollars worth of cable for 5 houses on a block isn't worth it. Therefore, if we want TV, we have to get satellite. Therefore, we would have 200 channels. Therefore, we would watch too much TV. Therefore, we would not do our chores. So....we don't have TV. We DO have a HUGE antenna on the top of the house but after that whole digital change, we can't get any stations.

Then......... after writing that last sentence, I had a thought. *thought bubble with a picture of me* Hey, wait, maybe Canada didn't switch over to digital and I CAN still use that piece of crap on the roof to get those good ole Canadian stations. Turns out that while Canadians may not be able to drive an American speed limit, they can throw some TV wave-thingies my way. Only problem....I get one station. Sitcom station and it is blurry. Like, Michael Scott is there and I can hear his voice and something about "that's what she said" but I can't see the funnies. Damn.

So, I am still in a pickle. The reason I am in a pickle is because I WANT TO WATCH THE OLYMPICS!!! Please, oh god, PLEASE! However, I don't want to go somewhere and watch it, I want to sit on my couch, with my remote and flip through the 3 channels that are showing coverage. I want to watch Oksana Baiul (or whatever tiny person is skating these days) pull off triple lutz and salchows and toe picks (I even heard there is a guy who wears swan suits....come ON). I need to see Apollo ass in that leotard. I badly crave staying up until midnight watching anything, hell, I'll even watch curling. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. I don't know why, I just do. (Actually I do know why, it is because I watched the '94 Olympics all the time when I was in 5th grade. I even taped it and watched it all again later. I know...I was homeschooled. You only get one thing to make fun of me about though.....)

I am stuck on my farm in the county like Laura Ingalls Wilder
(I am just guessing that though because I never read the books and I can't watch Little House on the Prairie but sources tell me, they didn't have TV either).

Oh and get this...even if you have the internet, you can't get coverage. US peoples can't stream Canadian TV and NBC only let's you watch if you have home TV. I am sorry but...bullshit!

Sadly, the Olympics are only 1hour and 30min from my house. I should go, obviously I have a problem. But, Tyler doesn't have his passport and is stuck in the US. I am not that big of a dork that I would go by myself. (or am I?) Whoa is me. I'll get my fix somehow though, I am determined!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Green Bowl

That's the name of my fantasy restaurant. It was Green Tree, but I changed it. Actually, it changes a lot. Although, I should really be thinking about a name for our farm, not my never-restaurant. (Which reminds me, if you have any good farm names, send them our way.)

Background story:
I have wanted to open my own restaurant ever since I started making good food from our own garden. Having special eating requirements myself, I realized that when you eat out, you really have to throw a lot of your food consciousness out. Honestly, a lot of people don't really even care what they eat but here in Bham, I think that is a little different. People want fresh, local, healthy, organic, and maybe even veggie or vegan options. There are many places that offer these things but Bham does lack the veggie and vegan only restaurants and I really do think they could survive financially if you knew what you were doing. Alas, I do not know what I am doing (about most things in fact) so I never plan on opening a place, I just like to think about how good it would be.

Another reason I got inspired was because Bellingham just got their first vegan-only restaurant, Bloom. In minimal words, it was bad and uninspiring.
In more words, Bloom offered only a couple dishes. A quinoa bowl and a rice lentil bowl. Now...being a veggie/part vegan, I like to impress people with the delicious things I can make. I don't want to bore them with the stuff they KNOW is vegan. People know rice, is vegan. They know salad is usually vegan (with the right dressing). I think you should give them fake meat, be creative. Give them waffles but make them vegan. Give them killer gourmet that is vegan. That's how I believe you do it. Bloom was not that way. They offered wraps and these two bowls. No one said, oh man, this is good. That is sad to me. Making non-vegans appreciate the food is what my mission would be.

So maybe someday Green Bowl will come out of the woodworks (very doubtful) and it will serve breakfast and dinner. Give me waffles, biscuits with mushrooms gravy, faux sausage. Give me squash pasta, portabella burgers, sweet potato fries, hell maybe even killer veg stir fry. (my menu is diverse right now. haha)

Some people want that. They do!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That's right, 27. It is 5 minutes until my 27th birthday. On February 4, 2010 I plan to:
1) go running
2) clean the kitchen, living room, and start on the garage
3) make vegan cupcakes
4) watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and hope it is decent
5) eat dinner at Bellingham's new vegan restaurant Bloom

I shall relax and enjoy my day being productive. I shall ring in 27 (the most boring number, by the way) with a pleasant day. Hell, I just bought myself Hawaii tickets for our honeymoon. And yes, I am crapping my pants at purchasing expensive tickets without the reassurance of being able to "take it back". (Something I do with all the clothes I buy at stores. Trying things on is over rated) So if someone wants to give me a good present and make it more relaxing, go ahead and make me feel great about my pre-bday purchase or...send me a check. :)

Ope, it's my BIRTHDAY!

p.s. you'd think at 27 I wouldn't have to google "its vs it's", but, I do. Maybe the 27th year will bring wisdom. (Christ, I won't even mention what I had to google to remember the word "wisdom")

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ho Hum

Life has been pretty uneventful. There is not much to do on the farm in the off season and I take that to its full advantage. There certainly are a lot of house chores that I am ignoring though. Real money paying work is long and tiring. I like to watch movies. I started running again. So that pretty much sums up life in the past couple of weeks. Work out, work, watch 1/2 of a movie, go to sleep.
Although, I did prune the blueberries on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how they do this year. I went to town on them because they were very overgrown. Hopefully I did a good job.
Oh yea, I did find a crocus that had bloomed when it was Junuary a couple of weeks ago. It is now dead. That means bad things, I am pretty sure of that.

And one more thingie, I brought my wedding shoes. That was somewhat exciting.