Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ho Hum

Life has been pretty uneventful. There is not much to do on the farm in the off season and I take that to its full advantage. There certainly are a lot of house chores that I am ignoring though. Real money paying work is long and tiring. I like to watch movies. I started running again. So that pretty much sums up life in the past couple of weeks. Work out, work, watch 1/2 of a movie, go to sleep.
Although, I did prune the blueberries on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how they do this year. I went to town on them because they were very overgrown. Hopefully I did a good job.
Oh yea, I did find a crocus that had bloomed when it was Junuary a couple of weeks ago. It is now dead. That means bad things, I am pretty sure of that.

And one more thingie, I brought my wedding shoes. That was somewhat exciting.


The MOB said...

Those sure are some sassy kicks!

The Momma said...

Smart pruning the blueberries. I think Richard has just finished doing the field so your timing is perfect. I remember yours were really bushy.
Have you trimmed the old blooms off the hydrangeas? I've read that it helps them bloom the following year. Read up on it if you haven't 'cus they recommend trimming some of the 'wood'.

Love having the shoe to look at whenever I want.

I want to hear Gussy howling. That's a farm dog sort of thing so can't you post a short video on your blog?

Travels with Charley, huh? Makes me want to read it again.

Less than 30 minutes until your birthday! 27 years ago I had just gone into labor but didn't want to wake dad so I'd go downstairs and call the hospital off and on all night. Pa was fresh and ready to go in the morning and I was exhausted. What an exciting and wonderful day it was! We called you 'Shrimpkin' before you were born and you're still not very big. We love you precious first born! Hope you make it through the day without crying, birthday girl.

The Momma said...

Ok,ok...tomorrow is only Wednesday - NOT your birthday. Maybe you SHOULD get your crying out tomorrow so you don't cry Thursday.

M.J. said...

Hey --- your daily routine is excluding any inference to food -- either in preparation or comsuming. Are you just subsisting on movie popcorn these days or are you going right past a Bellingham vegetarian/vegan take out on your daily run ?

What is your momski doing up at 11:46 PM on a school night? Oh, silly me, getting your birthday present wrapped, a day or so early.

In regard to your hydrangea, here's my 2 cents based on our very old bush that looks pretty ugly every year through the winter and early spring. I worked in the yard on Sunday and it was hard not to touch it and remove all the brown, soggy flower heads, BUT my 20 years of experience have taught me to leave it alone until all threat of frost is past. By then it's very easy to see where the new growth is and avoid accidentally pruning it away. The bush does grow off of old wood. I have a lot of new growth on my bush, but I'm doing some 'self talk' to avoid pruning for at least another month. A couple of years ago I worked shredded up orange peels into the soil to increase their blueness --- worked well, but you need to do that in the spring, although it's a toughie when the soil is so wet it's not good to be working it.

Happy Bday manana, mi nieta preciosa !

E Herold said...

Thanks B! that's what I go for...sassy.

Mom, I am about to ban you from posting. This is not an email forum. :)

Judy, I prune my hydrangeas in early fall, that way the next year blooms haven't developed and I am not cutting them off (they develop in mid-late fall). It is after everything has died too. I read it online in different locations. We'll see how it goes.

Sierra said...

Glad you found your pink shoes! :)