Saturday, February 20, 2010


That says the way.

I haven't posted a recipe in a long time and I have been making many new things lately. I made cupcakes a couple times and soup and pasta and bubble tea and so on and so forth. I haven't felt like sitting down and writing out the recipes though. But. It is time to give out another creation.

SIDE NOTE: T has two cameras. One camera has had a missing battery for oh, about two years. He hasn't acquired another one. (Amazon, what?) His other camera is broken, the lens is f-ed. I think he broke it on purpose because he "needs" a new camera. Not true. You don't need to get a crystal clear shot of someone's eyeball when you are standing 100 yards away. Just saying.
(p.s. for those of you that may not know, "anyways" is not a word. Ask my mom.) that means I won't have any new pictures for awhile. I will have to steal from the internet. Sorry.

Okay, so. Let's say you go to Top Food, Safeway, or whatever store you have in your town. For the sake of this, I go to Haggen. It is Valentines Day and amazingly I don't really feel like cooking. I want jo-jos and sesame noodles and fried rice and anything in the deli pre-made section. Of course, I don't actually buy anything, I talk myself out of needing to eat and buy that crap. However, I come home and those brown sesame noodles are on my mind. They are made of probably like 5 ingredients. Noodles, soy sauce, green onions, sugar, sesame seeds. I love that shit. It is so simple and good! Then, it dawns on me....I am pretty sure I could make that. So I do.

The recipe 'tis here and it is spelled the way it is because it is simple and "without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc.; bare". That's right!

(pic used from gimme some oven. Link on pic)

created by Me
servings 2 or 3 lunches

4 oz sweet potato noodles (These are the clear noodles you buy at an asian market)
1/4c soy sauce
1/8c sesame oil
1/8c sweet rice vinegar (I use AJI Mirin)
1 clove garlic
1/2 green onion
sesame seeds

1) Cook the noodles according to the package
2) mix soy sauce, oil, vinegar, and garlic in a container big enough for the noodles later
3) chop the green onion
4) When noodles are cooked, drain and rinse with cold water
5) Put noodles in the liquid mixture and toss
6) Sprinkle green onions on top
7) Put the noodles in the fridge with a lid for about an hour, or until cold. Try to remember to stir the noddles a couple times during their fridge-time. It will help the noodles soak up the liquid more evenly.
8) When ready to eat, sprinkle with sesame seeds

If you want to put tofu in the liquid, it would soak up the mixture well too. Just use a little more liquid as the noodles will soak all of it up as it sits and cools. Prefect to make ahead and eat for lunch or something. Enjoy!


The Momma said...

I can make these noodles. I'm going to make them. They are delicious. I know because I saw them in the frig and ate some before I left. And yes, I ate 2 cupcakes too (I also want that recipe).

M.J. said...

Anyways, Ms. E --- Will this Nude-lls dish be a potluck contribution to a certain event coming up in 2 weeks? The reason I ask is that I emailed a work friend just last week for a Sesame Noodle recipe that she regularly serves at potlucks that is incredibly yummy (and simple)? I'll certainly defer to you and your originality. (I'll still get her recipe and compare notes with you.) I miss YOUR pictures.

Gevan said...

OK Em - so I have to post on the insignificant part of the post. T only has 2 cameras? He's not trying hard enough or else he's hiding something from you. I just counted - I have 19 - maybe more (I may have missed a few).

TyMarrs said...

Actually Em, it's the battery CHARGER that was lost in the move to the new house (I have two batteries for the camera but no way to charge them).

She's referring to digital cameras, Pa. Since my digitals are not working, I have actually bought batteries and film (yes, real film!) and taken some pictures with my 35mm cameras. Those pics are a bit harder to upload though...