Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That's right, 27. It is 5 minutes until my 27th birthday. On February 4, 2010 I plan to:
1) go running
2) clean the kitchen, living room, and start on the garage
3) make vegan cupcakes
4) watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and hope it is decent
5) eat dinner at Bellingham's new vegan restaurant Bloom

I shall relax and enjoy my day being productive. I shall ring in 27 (the most boring number, by the way) with a pleasant day. Hell, I just bought myself Hawaii tickets for our honeymoon. And yes, I am crapping my pants at purchasing expensive tickets without the reassurance of being able to "take it back". (Something I do with all the clothes I buy at stores. Trying things on is over rated) So if someone wants to give me a good present and make it more relaxing, go ahead and make me feel great about my pre-bday purchase or...send me a check. :)

Ope, it's my BIRTHDAY!

p.s. you'd think at 27 I wouldn't have to google "its vs it's", but, I do. Maybe the 27th year will bring wisdom. (Christ, I won't even mention what I had to google to remember the word "wisdom")


M.J. said...

Well, Ms. Birthday Girl, I love your sweet picture. When you come in from all of your chores, put your feet up and have your puppies on your lap, enjoy reading your Jacqueline Bigar Birthday Horoscope below --- it’s a good one ! Of course I've added a few editorial comments in parentheses

For Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday! This year, you will move in a new direction and do something quite differently. (Duh – single to MARRIED!) Others could be taken aback by your innovative behavior. (Sounds like some Shock & Awe moments for you.) You could be changing your views as you assume more responsibility. You could gain from your profession or community stance. A pay raise or more funds seem to be in your future. (Seems like you’re going to be getting rewarded at work for a job well done.) Your fire and get-up-and-go often can challenge others, if single or attached. Use diplomacy. (Always a good reminder that not everyone has the Aquarian ‘Let’s snap to it and get things hoppin’ mindset) SCORPIO pushes you into the limelight.(Yup, that momski of yours is going to continue to make sure others see your little light shining!)

Congratulations on pushing that ‘BUY NOW’ button on your Hawaii tickets. Choices are SO hard for us Aquarians. Should I, shouldn’t I, angst angst angst. You did good ! The hard part of making the choice is now behind you and you can start looking forward to having a great trip!

While your birthday day may sound rather utilitarian to some, I understand it completely. There’s a certain contentment in just doing what you want to do at your own pace.

Have a great day, don’t cry, and don’t worry about grammar. You’ll have a chance to learn it all over again when your own kidlets come along. I still have to work on some of my addition and multiplication facts involving 8’ and 9’s !

M.J. said...

BTW, in a diplomatic manner, could you explain the difference between a blog comment and an email? I, too, may be crossing some line I'm clueless about. You can email your reply if that's more appropriate. :)

Sierra said...

Happy b-day, Em! I hope your cupcakes and dinner turn out well.

E Herold said...

Anutie. I have to admit, your posts sometimes are on the verge of unrelated blogging content. however, this last comment was related to the actual post. Mom's tend to vary and run hither and tither. That's my mama.

The Momma said...

FINE! Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely time in Hawaii. Sincerely yours