Monday, February 15, 2010

What I wouldn't give for Rabbit Ears

At about 1p on 2/15, I wrote this:

Okay, so living in the county means we don't have cable. Comcast doesn't reach out here. Apparently laying down thousands dollars worth of cable for 5 houses on a block isn't worth it. Therefore, if we want TV, we have to get satellite. Therefore, we would have 200 channels. Therefore, we would watch too much TV. Therefore, we would not do our chores. So....we don't have TV. We DO have a HUGE antenna on the top of the house but after that whole digital change, we can't get any stations.

Then......... after writing that last sentence, I had a thought. *thought bubble with a picture of me* Hey, wait, maybe Canada didn't switch over to digital and I CAN still use that piece of crap on the roof to get those good ole Canadian stations. Turns out that while Canadians may not be able to drive an American speed limit, they can throw some TV wave-thingies my way. Only problem....I get one station. Sitcom station and it is blurry. Like, Michael Scott is there and I can hear his voice and something about "that's what she said" but I can't see the funnies. Damn.

So, I am still in a pickle. The reason I am in a pickle is because I WANT TO WATCH THE OLYMPICS!!! Please, oh god, PLEASE! However, I don't want to go somewhere and watch it, I want to sit on my couch, with my remote and flip through the 3 channels that are showing coverage. I want to watch Oksana Baiul (or whatever tiny person is skating these days) pull off triple lutz and salchows and toe picks (I even heard there is a guy who wears swan suits....come ON). I need to see Apollo ass in that leotard. I badly crave staying up until midnight watching anything, hell, I'll even watch curling. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. I don't know why, I just do. (Actually I do know why, it is because I watched the '94 Olympics all the time when I was in 5th grade. I even taped it and watched it all again later. I know...I was homeschooled. You only get one thing to make fun of me about though.....)

I am stuck on my farm in the county like Laura Ingalls Wilder
(I am just guessing that though because I never read the books and I can't watch Little House on the Prairie but sources tell me, they didn't have TV either).

Oh and get this...even if you have the internet, you can't get coverage. US peoples can't stream Canadian TV and NBC only let's you watch if you have home TV. I am sorry but...bullshit!

Sadly, the Olympics are only 1hour and 30min from my house. I should go, obviously I have a problem. But, Tyler doesn't have his passport and is stuck in the US. I am not that big of a dork that I would go by myself. (or am I?) Whoa is me. I'll get my fix somehow though, I am determined!


The Momma said...

Geez, now I'm feeling guilty sitting here watching the Olympics - not to rub it in. I'm glad you love the Olympics. Hooray for homeschooling and watching tv until 1am on a school nights.
Can't you get someone to tape it and you ignore all results until after you've watched it? I'll go look for the '94 tapes so at least you can relive old times.

Don't you love the logo?! It's good to know that chubby people are accepted and honored.

Gevan said...

Hey Em - doesn't that link that Tyson posted work for you? Works fine for me. Well, I have Comcast cable, but just sayin...
BTW - love the "that's what she said.."

M.J. said...

Don't get me started on the change over to digital. I might write a novel ! Suffice it to say that we got a converter box for the little TV in the kitchen where I spend so much of my time. The converter box needed an additional 'rabbit eared' antenna. The antenna sits on the box, the box sits on an upturned very deep cooking pot - all of them rubberbanded together for safety -- all on top of our portable dishwasher. With all of that, I am totally unable to get Channel 5 - the channel of the Olympics. I do get a cool Channel 9 channel ' Veme' that's all in Spanish and many godly channels. All channels, of course, get frozen by my movement in the kitchen, or rain, or a cloud ... brother ! And the box and antenna require electricity, so my battery operated emergency TV is absolutely useless in the event of a disaster.

I think you should just have a night of Olympic games while your momski visits. I'm sure your farm has some suitable venues for some fun, competitive events.

As for your momski's Chubby Girl logo comment, I'll be reminding her that people come in all sizes and shapes, as I sit on her. :

Cherl said...

I don't really know what I'm talking about, but Andy got a digital antennae for us and it picked up a bunch of channels. Might be worth looking into? It's not rabbit ear shaped, it's sort of like a fork kinda thing. Again, no clue what I'm talking about...

E Herold said...

I can now "watch" the olympics...just a day behind everyone else. My coworker gave me all his Comcast information so I could stream nbc on my computer. It isn't the greatest but boy and I happy!

I have also decided that I just need to go to Vancouver. We'll see if that happens this week. My sister went today and she said her experience was great, she saw hockey, but if she hadn't had tickets she said it wouldn't have been

Christina said...

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So if you are every feeling like spending some of your "fun money" on your blog, she is the best deal I found!