Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I went into the sauna at my gym for my post-workout/pre-work relaxation time. All of a sudden...BAM. Fart! (not mine, mind you, the girl relaxing, too much I guess, next to me) Let me explain something to you, hot air and fart molecules do not mix. Especially during my relaxation time. But what is one to do? Get up and leave and then embarrass the person who you will be naked in front of in about 5 min or just roll with it and swallow the chunks moving up your esophagus?
Me, I rolled with it and stewed, literally, in farts.
Next shower was a good rinse and lather!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Enough Hours

Disclaimer: I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. This post really isn't funny at all because I haven't been able to pull the funny out of me. It's not that I am not funny, we all know I am hilarious, I just haven't had time/energy to be clever. So proceed if you wish to find out why I am not clever lately. If you would rather laugh, come back later, then you won't have to judge me in this "busy" state that is my life right now.
In the words of Neil, "Don't let it bring you down." In the words of Billy Madison, "Proceed...."

There really are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need and/or feel I need to do. Work, meetings, appointments, coaching, cheffing, gardening, cleaning, figuring out schedules (more specifically our car schedule), taxes, races, grocery shopping, errands, etc, etc, and so on and so forth. I don't even have children! Honestly, every time I am overwhelmed I think, good god, thank goodness I don't have children, I would never EVER get anything done.

Okay, explanations:
I got a new job (filling in for someone on maternity leave). She ended up leaving early so my training was cut short. It isn't that I am not good at the job, it is just that I get to work and I think about one thing and one thing only....work. I don't have time to think about extra things. And that is odd to me. In my other job I was pretty open and once and awhile I could breathe. Not so much now. I like it though. It's nice to have the day go by in a flash.

But there is also a down side:
The day goes by in a mother f-ing flash. Seriously. I get up, try to talk myself into running, go to work for more hours then I should, maybe go coach, get home, cook something (although T cooked twice last week, so nice), then I do something to simma down, and then I read and go to bed. Those are the weekdays.

The weekends haven't proved much better. I do have to say, I am really good at leaving work at work. Which may be a good thing, not sure. Anywho, with the nice weather, I do yard work, for hours. Which leads to me not cleaning the house which ultimately leads to stress for me. Then I also have to take 2 -3 hours a weekend driving to Bham and doing the grocery shopping plus any other "town" errands that need to be done. Not to mention, we will and have been having company which is VERY nice, but really, I don't get anything done. *But don't get me wrong, friends and family are so good.*

So, something every week gives, with or without me realizing it for awhile. Last week I forgot a dr. appointment in the middle of the day (I was too busy thinking about work), my house didn't get cleaned by me (T did most of it but the floor didn't get mopped or anything), and my irises still aren't finished (I am in the process of digging and giving away).

These feelings should be familiar though, it happened last year during the nice weather AND I was working 6 days a week. With the house/land there is just a lot to do! And with the new job, it is just extra for now. But it feels good usually. I am just still trying to feel in control of myself.

One thing though that has been consistent these last two weeks is Earth Hour. It isn't just an hour where we use no electricity, it is also time for me to just sit and think about myself. It is awesome. It is a time to breathe.
The first week I did yoga and yesterday I did weights and some stretching/meditating and reading. We get to bed super early and just feel very relaxed, a great way to end the week, plus candle light is pretty!! I would like to start adding an hour onto Earth Hour and making it two hours or something. It is definitely doable. Sis and T loved EH (hey my initials) too. T planned the garden and read and Sis cleaned her room.

So that is where I am at right now. Breathing slowly but meaningfully. (Although I can't breathe at night due to allergies, it f-ing sucks!)

Here are some EH pics.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Impact

Last month I read, No Impact Man, by Colin Beavan. It is about a guy in New York who convinces his wife (and two year old daughter) that they should all try living environmentally friendly for a year. But like, I don't mean just taking little E-friendly steps, I mean that they are Earth's BFF times 100. They were going to live carbon-free, I mean free like free samples!

They start out by not making trash, then they move to transportation but they don't even take the bus because that leaves a carbon footprint so they scooter, walk, or bike it to work (not to mention they live in an apartment on the 9th floor and they don't take the elevator), then they eat ONLY local food (that means even flour has to be grown and milled within 250 miles of their home), then they don't buy anything new, then they turn all off electricity (which they realized they missed the washing machine most). They also used little water but they did still use it. After they changed all their lifestyle habits and formed new ones, it wasn't so bad apparently. The Beaven family also began to give back to the Earth by joining volunteer opportunities to plant trees, plan green space, etc. It all sounds like my dream. However, I am too chicken to try. No fridge? Only local food? Man. I REALLY want to try baby steps though. I thought I was very E- friendly but this guy blew my freaking mind with the shit he did. I have a huge crush on him.

So, it made me think, I can't NOT do anything. But...I do want to live with a fridge. So, how can I change my habits with things I really don't need yet still continuing to use the things that I want to, like the fridge? I don't need light all the time (candles work), I don't need a dryer all the time (wind works), etc. Another problem I am having though is T, my beloved, would be hard the change. I don't think he wants to really. I said we were going to eat local for a week and he said we couldn't because it was winter. I wanted to try though...I didn't. Instead, for my baby step, I started using candlelight to read at night. Its great. T is even jealous and wants a candle. I hope to start using it in other rooms of the house. It is kinda cool, I think.

I do still plan on having a local week. I am the chef so I can do it. I subscribe to a blog that only cooks local things in Seattle so I am SURE I could get some great ideas.

Another way I am going to force T into my plan is to "celebrate" Earth Hour this weekend instead of next (because we may have company next weekend and I don't want to look like a total dweeb. You know, being E-friendly is nerdy.) So tonight from 8:30 - 9:30 we aren't using any electricity. I haven't decided if I will trip the breaker or not. Probably not because then we would have to reset all our clocks. (See so many excuses) We'll see how it goes. I plan on reading or yogaing or knitting (oh my gosh, I need to finishing my knitting project!). It will be a great opportunity to do those things when usually on Sundays I am watching a movie. I am looking forward to it.

Maybe some day I will to do this challenge as an experiment and for the experience. Colin Beaven created it and if I ever get brave, I will do it.

You may be wondering why I care so much. Why do I want to make the world a better place to live? The answer involves two reasons: cancer and the world dying slowly. I am convinced the cancer rate would be lower if we didn't have as many pollutants around AND if people weren't eating shit with pesticides and other unnatural chemicals. Cancer down right scares me. And although I don't believe it will happen in my lifetime, I don't want other people dying just because the Earth is too hot or there are too many floods. That would just be awful.

So hopefully people can change their habits, even a little bit for now. But I do believe that if we want generations to live happy and healthy and not evolving into green lizard things that can stand the heat or swim in water, we have HAVE to change. Even if we want to be healthier now, we should change.

click on picture to see a clearer view

Monday, March 15, 2010


While Sam was off doing his own thing, Stanley and Buk followed T around in the yard this weekend....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

27 and going to daycare

Yes, that's right. T drops me off at, what I call, daycare a couple of times a week. I am pretty sure it is daycare because I have to get up earlier then I want, I roll into some clothes that I laid out the night before, and I don't talk to anyone because I. am. not. happy. T drops me off, blows a kiss, says what time he will pick me up, and under his breath says, sucker. I am sure most parents do that.

When I was a kid I hated daycare! I told my parents my daycare lady spanked me for crying and I am pretty sure that was true. I kind of actually remember thinking what a mean b she was when I was 3. I don't think that is a made up memory. I never really liked daycamp either. That's why I take pity on the children I work with since I have always worked in the daycamp/afterschool-care setting. I let those kids call home whenever they want as a result of my pity on them! If they want to bitch and moan to their parents about being bored and hungry, so be it. Go ahead and call my sweets.

Anywho, back to ME. My daycare is the gym. Boo.

I have to go daycare because we only have one car (to reduce our carbon footprint and because I am a dirty hippy) and T drives the car two days a week and I drive it two/three (depending on the weather and my lungs making it up the f-ing ginormous hill I have to climb on the way HOME FROM WORK). Not a bad deal except that the days T drive, I go to daycare in the morning because it is closer to work than our house so it is easier for me to find an earth friendly way to work by walking, biking, or busing. It isn't so bad and I must say I always feel awake and ready for the day after working out but, shit, sometimes a girl just wants to sleep past 7am. I know, I know, some people have to wake up at 5am and some people have children they have to breastfeed in the middle of the night but I am NOT one of those people right now and I would like my sleep now while I still have it.

Shit, soon I will be waking up to do chores on the farm.

Can't a girl get some rest?

Daycare is dumb. Phhhhhhht. (that was a raspberry) But I guess making Mother (Earth) happy is a good thing. Damn Mom, making me go to daycare.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is here said the Bumblebee...

Actually, Spring doesn't begin until March 20 and it looks like we might actually make it until then without freezing all of the pretty flowers. Thank you Mother Nature for not being cruel. It must be because I am have been so good to you. I know. You're welcome.

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I have been busy with realmoneymakingbodydraining work AND T just got a card reader for his working camera yesterday so I came as soon as I could.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been exploring new things. I made bread last weekend in the form of pitas and rosemary/olive loaf (not to be confused with oliveloaf bologna. Anyone else's parents buy that as "lunchmeat" when they were little?!). Anywho, it was good. I think I will continue making bread and see how all that works out. Sans eggs, of course.

I have also been reading No Impact Man which I will post about later because it/I will blow your mind with it. Hopefully.

Oh yea, and I wanted to show everyone my favorite household chore......Carpet Shampooing. If you don't have one, you should spend the $200 and purchase one. I swear it is so rewarding. This is why....
Okay so, what you are looking at is the water container for the shampooer. See that brown ish in the bottom? That is the dirty water from my bedroom and hallway. That isn't even half as awesomeblack as the living room was. When you have animals your carpet water turns into this in a matter of two weeks. Seriously though, look at that? How can I not feel accomplished after shampooing? My carpets look and feel so much better. T can roll around all he wants on them now playing with the dogs, whining, and/or taking a nap without me gaggin and puking a little in my mouth.
It's pretty much my favorite household device!