Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Enough Hours

Disclaimer: I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. This post really isn't funny at all because I haven't been able to pull the funny out of me. It's not that I am not funny, we all know I am hilarious, I just haven't had time/energy to be clever. So proceed if you wish to find out why I am not clever lately. If you would rather laugh, come back later, then you won't have to judge me in this "busy" state that is my life right now.
In the words of Neil, "Don't let it bring you down." In the words of Billy Madison, "Proceed...."

There really are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need and/or feel I need to do. Work, meetings, appointments, coaching, cheffing, gardening, cleaning, figuring out schedules (more specifically our car schedule), taxes, races, grocery shopping, errands, etc, etc, and so on and so forth. I don't even have children! Honestly, every time I am overwhelmed I think, good god, thank goodness I don't have children, I would never EVER get anything done.

Okay, explanations:
I got a new job (filling in for someone on maternity leave). She ended up leaving early so my training was cut short. It isn't that I am not good at the job, it is just that I get to work and I think about one thing and one thing I don't have time to think about extra things. And that is odd to me. In my other job I was pretty open and once and awhile I could breathe. Not so much now. I like it though. It's nice to have the day go by in a flash.

But there is also a down side:
The day goes by in a mother f-ing flash. Seriously. I get up, try to talk myself into running, go to work for more hours then I should, maybe go coach, get home, cook something (although T cooked twice last week, so nice), then I do something to simma down, and then I read and go to bed. Those are the weekdays.

The weekends haven't proved much better. I do have to say, I am really good at leaving work at work. Which may be a good thing, not sure. Anywho, with the nice weather, I do yard work, for hours. Which leads to me not cleaning the house which ultimately leads to stress for me. Then I also have to take 2 -3 hours a weekend driving to Bham and doing the grocery shopping plus any other "town" errands that need to be done. Not to mention, we will and have been having company which is VERY nice, but really, I don't get anything done. *But don't get me wrong, friends and family are so good.*

So, something every week gives, with or without me realizing it for awhile. Last week I forgot a dr. appointment in the middle of the day (I was too busy thinking about work), my house didn't get cleaned by me (T did most of it but the floor didn't get mopped or anything), and my irises still aren't finished (I am in the process of digging and giving away).

These feelings should be familiar though, it happened last year during the nice weather AND I was working 6 days a week. With the house/land there is just a lot to do! And with the new job, it is just extra for now. But it feels good usually. I am just still trying to feel in control of myself.

One thing though that has been consistent these last two weeks is Earth Hour. It isn't just an hour where we use no electricity, it is also time for me to just sit and think about myself. It is awesome. It is a time to breathe.
The first week I did yoga and yesterday I did weights and some stretching/meditating and reading. We get to bed super early and just feel very relaxed, a great way to end the week, plus candle light is pretty!! I would like to start adding an hour onto Earth Hour and making it two hours or something. It is definitely doable. Sis and T loved EH (hey my initials) too. T planned the garden and read and Sis cleaned her room.

So that is where I am at right now. Breathing slowly but meaningfully. (Although I can't breathe at night due to allergies, it f-ing sucks!)

Here are some EH pics.


M.J. said...

I think you've expressed the dilemma of most women ... the need/belief that all of life's balls can be successfully juggled, coming to terms with the realization that they can't, and then letting those that drop just drop without regret. Every spring/summer I struggle with knowing that if the garden/yard are pretty, the inside probably isn't. A lot of the anguish has to do with personal (and perhaps unrealistic) expectations.

Days do speed by and to me a month now seems like about a week and a half. The 'rat race' is what it is -- and good for you for jumping off for EH. Enjoy your new job.

FYI in the planting department, per the old 'Lollipop Tree' song, don't forget to plant a lollipop stick on one of the fine days this early Spring. Having lollipops from your tree for wedding favors might be pretty cool. Let me know if you'd like coordinated colors, and maybe I can start some of the sticks for you.

The Momma said...

And that's why I clean out and wash the car at 10pm sometimes - it's the one task I can actually complete when everything else is overwhelming and impossible to get done.

Planted the garden by candlelight?

I don't know about the candlelight portraits, at first scroll I thought the picture of you was Ty. Please have all wedding photos in full light so I can tell the two of you apart. LingOL.

CM said...

I totally relate to the days going by in a flash. It can be hard sometimes. Which is why it is important to take the time just to slow down every now and then. And I love the earth hour idea--how beautiful and perfect.