Thursday, March 11, 2010

27 and going to daycare

Yes, that's right. T drops me off at, what I call, daycare a couple of times a week. I am pretty sure it is daycare because I have to get up earlier then I want, I roll into some clothes that I laid out the night before, and I don't talk to anyone because I. am. not. happy. T drops me off, blows a kiss, says what time he will pick me up, and under his breath says, sucker. I am sure most parents do that.

When I was a kid I hated daycare! I told my parents my daycare lady spanked me for crying and I am pretty sure that was true. I kind of actually remember thinking what a mean b she was when I was 3. I don't think that is a made up memory. I never really liked daycamp either. That's why I take pity on the children I work with since I have always worked in the daycamp/afterschool-care setting. I let those kids call home whenever they want as a result of my pity on them! If they want to bitch and moan to their parents about being bored and hungry, so be it. Go ahead and call my sweets.

Anywho, back to ME. My daycare is the gym. Boo.

I have to go daycare because we only have one car (to reduce our carbon footprint and because I am a dirty hippy) and T drives the car two days a week and I drive it two/three (depending on the weather and my lungs making it up the f-ing ginormous hill I have to climb on the way HOME FROM WORK). Not a bad deal except that the days T drive, I go to daycare in the morning because it is closer to work than our house so it is easier for me to find an earth friendly way to work by walking, biking, or busing. It isn't so bad and I must say I always feel awake and ready for the day after working out but, shit, sometimes a girl just wants to sleep past 7am. I know, I know, some people have to wake up at 5am and some people have children they have to breastfeed in the middle of the night but I am NOT one of those people right now and I would like my sleep now while I still have it.

Shit, soon I will be waking up to do chores on the farm.

Can't a girl get some rest?

Daycare is dumb. Phhhhhhht. (that was a raspberry) But I guess making Mother (Earth) happy is a good thing. Damn Mom, making me go to daycare.


M.J. said...

"I told my parents my daycare lady spanked me for crying and I am pretty sure that was true. I kind of actually remember thinking what a mean b she was when I was 3."

Uh, Ms. E -- wasn't I your child care provider in your early years ?? I'm a little concerned about your repressed memories ! Your b anut-ski(and I thought b stood for Beloved)

PS -- You have a good, compassionate, Aquarian spirit. Because I also had early traumatizing, schooling experiences where I couldn't contact my parents, once I began my years of school office work, I, too, pretty much let kids use the phone as needed.

E Herold said...

haha, anut. It wasn't you. There was some other lady in Tacoma whose house we went to. I believe that was after we stopped going to you.

It didn't traumatize me either, don't worry. I just remember not really liking it then.
Luckily, ma and pa realized that and never made me go to daycare or daycamp again. Very loving!

The Momma said...

Here's how it went...
Because of our concerns (never did know the truth of the matter), we pulled you from 'that lady" and asked Anut if she would be our daycare. You were happy at Anut's with your cousins but poor Clairey still cried and cried without her mommy and daddy...this in turn would upset you because your baby was crying. So one day Pa couldn't stand having his babies unhappy anymore and quit his job to stay home for 2 years until I quit my job to stay home for 2 years.

I know, I know...this is very improper 'blog comment' behavior. Who cares? Well, besides you. I'm not going to open my email to write this. When you write about your childhood in a public forum I believe I may make my long-winded comments public too.

Your descriptions of your current daycare are hilarious and I'm sure universal. Ha,ha I let the kids in my program call all the time too.

Mother Earth and Mother Herold are both VERY proud of you!

M.J. said...

Whew ! So, now that it's been confirmed that I wasn't the evil child spanker I can move forward to your present morning unhappiness ... If I was a random observer of your morning drop off, which scenario would I observe:
#1 - Are you clinging to T's leg and crying as he's talking PU time and blowing kisses?
#2 - Are you exiting the vehicle with little shoulders slumped, head lowered, and v-e-r-y slowly baby stepping it into the building?
#3 - As T's speeds away, tires squealing, inappropriate gestures aren't being given by the drop-ee, are they?
My bet would be that now that we lost that hour last night and gained more early AM light, perhaps drop-off won't be quite so hard. Maybe you could have a heart to heart with the Bukster. He did receive an award for his daycare attitude, after all.