Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Girl Has Got to Eat

I like to eat. I like to cook too, which goes well with liking to eat. I have never really told you how I go about eating/making my weekly dinners though. I have quite a system.

Every weekend I make a menu on a self created calendar. I put what days I will be home on time and what days I will be late. Usually on the late days I will use my freaking awesome 70's crock pot (mah and pah's wedding gift?) and Mr Peps will have a meal waiting so he doesn't have to wait and eat until 8pm. I do all my grocery shopping on the weekend and get everything I will need for my weekly plan.

I really like to plan.

Anywho, here is an example of what we will be eating this week:

 Monday (home at 7:45) - Crockpot mashed potatoes, peas, and steak
Tuesday (home at 8:45) - Crockpot Chili 
Wednesday - Mushroom Somethingorother with Rice
Thursday (home at 7:45) - Crockpot Taco Soup with Chips
Friday - Potato Salad and Arepas

Mind you, I use the recipes listed above but I change the ingredients to either a) use in season b) not be from a can, eg. beans c) make gluten free or vegetarian.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the potato salad Friday will all be new recipes so hopefully they taste good. For me, winter is all about trying new recipes. Sometimes Mr Peps isn't too impressed with my new experiments. Whatever, he can always eat a peanut butter and grape jelly sammich.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bukowski Bukaroo Bonsai Dew Drops in the Morning

Just seconds ago, my annoying loving puppers was sticking his head in my lap as I checked facebook. He was saying (in a Cockney accent because he is an English Pointer but not civilized enough to have a regular English accent), "I'm so bored. Give meh food, love, o' take meh to the bloody dog park gov'na." I said back to him, "Buky, it's really raining outside and I'm sorry but we will not be going to the dog park." Then I gave him a little love as he already ate breakfast.

I then realized that Buk hasn't really gotten much attention on this here blog. His cuddly brothers have gotten more attention because, well, they usually are more precious and cute. I mean look at what this dog looks like sometimes.

Anywho, Buky is a whopping six years old now and he is starting to turn white in his once bright orange spots. He is still incredibly energetic though and will out run anyone at the dog park. Most people ask how old he is thinking I'll say 9 months. He can be a little out of control sometimes. But, even with his bounding around and limbs flying every which way, I get told that he is a beautiful dog at least once when we go places. He really is.

While he still can't control himself at the park, Buk has calmed down a lot at home. He can lay down and be chill most of the day. We don't usually have to worry about him chewing up shit anymore. Now he just gets into the crap the cats get into first and he finishes up the job.

Buk is loving and cuddly and wants to be on the bed all.the.time. But, he can't because he sheds his white hair like a polar bear in Hawaii (I don't know, I just made that up. I'm sure those bears totally shed in Hawaii). I also am incredibly allergic to Buk. When he licks my arm (he doesn't lick faces, thank goodness), I instantly break out in hives. But, it's hard not to let him lick because he is being so loving.

But, there are some bad habits that Bukaroo has too. I won't discuss them because they are actually really gross. Let's just say that when Buk gets bored, he likes to entertain himself.

Mr Peps and I have talked about getting Buk a sister or brother but that probably won't happen until he is older and we are really in need of a replacement dog. We want Buk to teach a new puppy about the ways of our household. He already did a pretty good job with his younger cousin. But, no dog will ever replace Buky for real. He is a goofy, loving boy in his own way and he will always be our first doggie and Mr Pepperworth's first best friend.

Plus, no dog will ever be as silly as this....

And yes, the title is Buk's real name. It has to be fancy for when he is entered into the dog shows.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Know...

You know you are a farmer, or are married to one, when:

1. When you hear the word "deer" or "dear", you think of "deere". As in John. But then you always think of how crappy John really is, or at least that "Kubota" or "Farmall" are really better. Because, that is what your husband says.

2. You want a vacation so you don't have to weed for a week.

3. You find yourself whistling "Field of Opportunity" while watering the flowers.

4. You LOVE summer but by Septemeber 15, you just want it to snow. Or, at least be Thanksgiving and then snow the next weekend.

5. You keep any stray animal that wonders into your yard, whether it be a cat or a rooster. But you are really hoping a goat will wonder in.

6. You  know the difference between fermented and pickled food and your pantry smells like farts because of all the fermenting veggies. (This also makes you a hippy.)

7. You don't have any TV stations because a) you wouldn't have time to watch them and b) you can't afford it because you own 2 tractors, a riding lawn mower, a rototiller, and a "farm" truck that is about to die.

8. Your husband owns a banjo he doesn't know how to play. And a mandolin.

9. Going into town and back is an hours worth of driving.

10. You own carharrt pants, shorts, capris, shoes, jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, underwear, gloves, socks, hats, high heels and so on and so forth. But really, you aren't proud of that because rednecks have really started to make carharrts a fashion thing and that obsession with the confederate flag is really ruining the brand.