Sunday, June 5, 2011

My June Leave

I have some bad news.

I am sorry, I really am.

But I have to do it.

I am leaving you for awhile. My life is just too busy right now. I am sorry, I must leave you in order to make time for my husband. It was either you or him. I chose him. I'm sorry, I really am. I may regret it, I know.

From now until the time I return I will: run 20+ miles a week, work with children daily, coach 3 practices a week, go to another fastpitch tournament, pull 12,540 weeds, clean the toilet 3 times (if it's lucky), sleep in twice, get home after 8pm four times a week, get a new housemate (my sister in law is moving in for the summa), start some net-media for the farm, and hold an auction for my work. Hopefully you understand.

That means, mark your calenders for Monday June 27. That is when I will be back. In full force. Clever, awesome, beautiful, and hella f-ing tired.

I'll miss you. You'll miss my new potato salad recipe, don't worry though, I'll be back before the really good BBQs start.

Best ever ending to a BBQ


The Momma said...

Awwwww :^( Glad for for the warning so I don't check and be disappointed - yeah, I've never subscribed to your blog since I check your blog more often than I do my email. I guess you have a good excuse - multiple excuses in fact. The picture concerns me, though I am grateful for the safety gear. Musta kicked her ass if you think it was the 'best ever ending".

TheAnut said...

Okie-dokie --- You're out of my 'online routine.' We quit the TNT back in April, a morning newspaper reading habit of 20+ years, so I've learned that changing routines is not that hard after a few days. Days fly, too, so June 27th is already just around the corner.

As for the Girl Fight, my family will attest that I am strongly against the fights in hockey games, so girl fights not at all, really. My rule is nothing above the shoulders, but then soft tissue and major organs are below the shoulders, so that's not so good either. How about going back to a little hair pulling?!