Monday, May 30, 2011

Spoiled Rawton

Me spoiled rotten? Oh no, I would not be talking about myself. I mean I watch library dvds, use baking soda for shampoo, and shop at consignment stores (but all that is for another day). Oh no, not me.

The S's are spoiled rotten. As in Stanley and Simon. Well, if you asked them, being locked in the bathroom all day (because he pees on things sometimes) and not going to the vet when clearly you should (his eye and leg both healed) doesn't a spoiled cat make. But, even after all their life hardships, S & S get homemade food now. I was talked into it at the pet store.

One day I traipsed through the pet store door and explained that my cats both had urinary tract infections (only one got to go to the vet) and meds weren't helping the problem. I said that I didn't want to put them on special diet food because that stuff was made mostly of grains which is not what cats digest easily. The pet store lady told me that her cats and all the staffs' cats were on a raw diet. Of course, the store sold some stuff but she told me how to make my own and that it was cheaper. It was worth a shot.

So, I ordered 14 lbs of ground rabbit (whole rabbit, minus fur) online. I bought a butt load of vitamins to put in the mix and I made a batch of food. It was super easy and only a little scary realizing I was working with raw meat. (It doesn't gross me out by the way, it is what cats are supposed to be eating.) 

Holy hell, the cats LOVE this food. I read that some cats don't like it right away but when you have Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb who will eat anything, it isn't a hard or slow adjustment period. Both boys are in the greatest of health and Simon has even slimmed down, he is back to looking like a kitten.

I got all of my information about making the food on this website. The only trick is you actually have to read all the information because you can't really stray from the recipe or the cats won't be getting the correct amount of vitamins and what not.

I always make a big batch and freeze jars of it (after measuring it out into 2 day jars). It works great. In fact, I am going to make some more today. Today's menu will be chicken with liver. Delish!

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The Momma said...

Such a good mommy...meeting your babies needs rather than your own. Their meat-eatin' diet does appear to agree with them. Does Ty get some too?