Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring in Pictures

Spring makes my house looks so much better than winter. The trees finally have leaves, the flowers are in bloom and I can't help put smiling every time I pull into the driveway and see the apple and cherry trees blossoming.

Perhaps you want to smile too, although I am sure your own home makes you smile but nevertheless, just smile at mine too please. (as I made you do last year too)

By the way, if you happen to look at the link to last years post, it mentioned that we had a lot of irises and I was wondering how they would do this year. So far, nothing but there are a lot of stalks pokin' up. But, the season is a lot different than last year and I am still a week ahead of last year's post, so we shall see.


TheAnut said...

Whew ! For a minute I was very concerned about your Iris, since I was last year's iris de-stalker. I would have hated to have done too good a job. I agree that apple blossoms are one of the prettiest things ever.

The Momma said...

Home never looks sweeter than when you've been to the big city, huh?
Some of our iris in the least wet areas actually are about to bloom. What a difference the somewhat warmer weather in the last week has made. I'm already sick of mowing the lawn every week...even with Pa doing most of it.
Both boys look like they're having fun playing hide and seek.

Gevan said...

I smiled.