Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh So Pretty

My flowers are awesome. Everyday when I come home I have irises, rhodies, roses, pansies, trees, peonies, and lilacs standing tall and looking pretty. I LOVE it. I haven't even cut any and brought them inside because they die faster and I am scared it will lessen my time of enjoyment as I pull into the driveway. (although I think I may cut some irises this weekend)

By the way, my irises were obviously planted long ago (talking 15 years) and haven't been broken up since. Total side note: I have a theory that 15 years ago True Value was having a smashing sale on purple and yellow irises because everyone in our area has them. Last year we weeded them and didn't really get anything but this year, holy hell, Iris Ci-tay. I did end up breaking some of them up in early spring so I will see how those do next year but I am thinking I may not mess with them too much after this season because they did so well. Maybe a few snips will make it even better for next year. We'll see. It's pretty cool though.

Anyway, here are all the pictures because I want to document my happiness.

Dahlias will come up in the middle there later in the summer...that is if they don't get flooded out. Gr!

Don't mind the dead ugly ones in this picture. I just liked that diversity.


The Momma said...

I love this time of year too. The rhodies seem especially vibrant this year - maybe that's because of the grey sky background :(
Let me know if you want some iris that are white with a very pale purple edge? I'm pulling out a bunch and replanting with yours. I hope I got some of the really dark ones. That rose is my favorite. We had one at the N.40th house. I'll have to see if yours has a shoot I can take.
I looked carefully in every photo and don't see a single animal. that Buk in the distance?

The MOB said...

Nice! I love flowers too. Now I just need a more sunny yard so I would have more blooms.

Gevan said...

Nice photos Em - but I noted the pigeon coop and brown poop truck in the background of one photo..

CM said...

These flowers are beautiful! I can see why they make you happy. I admire your gardening abilities!