Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I lied

In Sept 2009 I posted this: Okay, that's it. I had good intentions but it was the end of September, who was I kidding? My goal of running again would have lasted about 15 days until the weather got too shitty for me to drag myself out of bed. I did get up and go to the gym in the fall/winter, which is really good for someone who honesttojesus needs at LEAST 8 hours sleep. But I didn't really burn those calories at the gym that I do when training for something. No motivation. When you don't pay an arm and a leg to an organization (that will find a place for you to run and provide you with bread, maybe a banana, at the end of a hellish day) you have no motivation to train your body to be able to run the whole race without crying/barfing the last 5 miles.
This year is different though. I paid a pretty penny to run Ragnar. It is a 12 person team relay from Blaine, WA to Langley, WA. It takes 24 hours and should be fun. It is nice to feel back in shape (although my knees aren't what they used to be at the good ole age of 24). It is a good year to feel that way too with the wedding and Hawaii!!
Anywho, my reason for posting this is to let you know how nice it is to run on county roads. The loooong roads force you to run at least 4 miles because that is one time around the block. You'd think it might feel a long way but it totally is awesome! It is nice to run at 7am when all the kids are going to school and all the cars move out of your way (although the high schoolers driving to school get a nice "F You Bastard" for failing to get out of my f-ing way, "I am a person here 'tard").
In closing, running again is nice and the county roads really are the prefect thing to run on minus the dogs sans leashes, although I have learned what dogs are where and which ones I need to kick in the face and which ones (Sandlot Dog, I'm thinking of you!) I need to run just a little faster to pass. The roads are long but not too long and hilly enough to make your bum look/feeldeepdowninyourmuscletissue like steel but not hilly enough to require a fanny pack in order to carry an inhaler for that extra puff. Booyah!


The Momma said...

I don't mean to be rude or anything...but aren't those a bunch of old people (as in your parents' age) finishing the race right behind you? (I'm not counting Ty). And, you don't look like you're going to barf.

Gevan said...

You go girl.

Sierra said...

Pretty sure you should wear a fanny pack with an inhaler in it at all times, not just when running. You'd be super cool! :)

M.J. said...

Hey -- Want a Rabbie headband? I can do that -- just measure that noggin of yours for me ! Or, does everyone on your team want a Rabbie headband ?