Sunday, September 27, 2009

Okay, That's It

For the last 4 summers, I have been training for some race be it triathlon, duatholon, or half marathon. This year with buying a house and just being tired of running on my vacations, I decided to "take this year off". It turned out to be a good idea since I injured my shoulder, got mouth surgery, have tons of chores, and needed time to just be a first year home owner. However, now, I am starting to feel the affects of not running or working out regularly. With that said (for Tyler - he'll know what that means), I know I am a small person but I also do feel out of shape. Or in other words, I definitely have my winter fat on and will make it through the winter, no worries. Not cool though. is time to start working out. I went for a 3 mile run this morning that felt like the last 3 miles of my half marathon. Not good! Another problem is that out here in the country, there are dogs that are allowed to run free and bark at people running by (especially people running with dogs). So on our runs, Buk and I usually get approached by at least 3 barking dogs. Again, not cool.
And to complain one more time, running on these roads is not the best. They are long straight roads with numerous hills. I guess that will just get me in shape faster. Something to look forward to, I guess.

So here's to running and working out again in the county even though it may prevent me from "making it through the winter".


M.J. said...

Glad to hear you're keeping that cute little body in shape, however, Anut WorryWart has a couple of concerns.

#1 - The shoulder of your country road looks pretty narrow and a bit rugged on the edge - an ankle turn waiting to happen ! Are you running down the yellow line?

#2 - I would like to suggest that as you head out for your run, you take with you the "Anut Emergency/1st Aid Fanny Pack" (think Grammie) which would include the following: ID, Cell phone, Diment Phone list, BandAids, Alcohol Wipes, Ace Bandage, Compass, Matches, Crank weather radio, Solar Blanket, Swiss Army Knife, Cold Compresses, Vegan Candy Bars, Dog Treats, Pop-up Tent and/or Blue Tarp, Hand made Beanie,heavy duty Work gloves and your passport. You might also want to include a pictures of Ty and your other loving family members. Andy suggests that you also wear a sticker on your butt that says "Honk if you're a Hippie." Naturally, the ball of yarn that you tied to your mailbox would be unravelling as you run and you would be wearing an orange reflective vest (as would the BukMeister.) Would you want to take Rabby, too, just in case? I believe it's ALWAYS important to be prepared.
Love you lots and don't forget to look both ways (left, right, then left again and then maybe another quick look right and left?) before you cross the street/road!

Emily Herold said...

haha! Anut, that was great!!
I can see why you might not have ever taking up running though. I don't think the fanny pack would suffice. Well I guess maybe if both Buk and I wore fanny packs. Worth considering .

M.J. said...

Quite true -- Perhaps a backpack would be better. Or even better, Buc could pull a little trailer thingie. Or you could pull the wagon that could hold both supplies and Buk-y. I did forget a couple of things while remembering that you're close to Mt. Baker --- face masks and water purification tablets. Some sort of over the counter pain meds might be good too. This wasn't on my list, but I'm sure the pooper-scooper bags for Buc are always in your pocket, being the environmentalist, DOE daughter that you are.