Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vegetarian + Farmer = depression

*Be warned, this talks about killing animals and eggs being sweet fluffy baby chickens*

Maybe I am an animal loving vegetarian although I never thought of myself as one.

The reason I became a veggie lover was because meat just started smelling bad (no I wasn’t and am not preggo) and the idea of eating meat grossed me out. It all started when I was younger, around 10, and I refused to eat duck eggs because they were our ducks and potentially babies (yes, I am still pro-choice). The thought of that yellow yoke developing into a baby chicken grosses me out. This then transformed into only eating organic things because eating a cow’s butt hole in a hot dog or in a hamburger wasn’t too appetizing. (Yes, I know a butt hole can be organic but I KNOW they don't put those in Naturewell beef). Eventually, all that turned into just not eating meat. I LOVE veggies and I am very happy I am not eating meat because it introduced me to so many other means of protein that are much healthier for you.

Anyway, with that, I never stopped eating meat with the mind set of “oh, those poor cows”. Although it is ridiculous what they do to cows and chickens and pigs etc, I wasn’t about to go hug one or anything. However, yesterday I realized I do love animals, or at least things with hearts. Tyler mentioned that one pigeon, the one Tyler’s dad gave us, is scrawny and we “need to get rid of it”. I knew he didn’t mean send it on its way or list it on craigslist for some old guy to take away. So, I said, “no, come on, I like that one.” Now, why the hell did I say that? I have been bashing that thing forever. Fact is, I do kinda like it cause we are its home and I cannot imagine killing it! I pleaded with Tyler explaining that it won’t breed its bad traits (and I certainly don’t expect my kid to get a pointy nose or the need to laugh at anyone who just fell down stairs or walked into a glass door). Despite all that, Tyler didn’t seem to agree. He is sure that pigeon is no good and will pass on its lameness to its off spring. Personally, I don’t even think the pretty girl birds would mate with that thing.

All in all, I think Tyler will end up “getting rid of it”. Who knows, maybe he already did and didn’t tell me…lord knows I don’t go down and chat with the birds everyday. But somewhere inside me, it kills me to think about killing that bird because it loves me. Well, maybe not but it was growing on me.


TyMarrs said...
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TyMarrs said...

Oh man, you are going to have to go on vacation when it comes time to butcher the chickens (that we will someday have)...that isn't pretty.

By the way, I was thinking about not "getting rid of" that pigeon (even though it is scrawny and doesn't roll like it is supposed to and will pollute my baby pigeons with inferior genetics and it has bad habits like sitting/pooping on the roof that will be learned by the other pigeons ). Hopefully a hawk will take it out for me, I am sure it will be lagging behind the pack.

The Momma said...

You really hurt my feelers with that pointy nose comment :^(
Are you worried that Tyler might decide to get rid of you because of your apparent inferior genetics?

Oh my gosh you make me laugh when I read your postings, Emmy. Thanks for the pre-warning so I didn’t read this while I was eating.

Yes Ty, do not have Em around for slaughter day. And don’t try and trick her into thinking you sent them to a lovely free range farm to live a long and happy life. We already tried that and got caught so she’s wise to it…..sorry.

Em, you are a kind and sensitive person. But I need to say that I’m a little concerned about your swearing – it’s a bad example for your little sis and the kitty & doggie kids. Also your views on physical appearance seem a slightly off, “I don’t think the pretty girl birds would mate with that thing”. But overall I’m very proud of you.

Sam is as thin as paper! A perfect description. Sweet pictures of all but I especially love the Buk & Gus pic..aren’t they precious together. You won’t even guess that Gussy is such a naughty boy. I’m glad he has Buky for a role model. :^)