Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Event Letters

Dear Tyler (consequently Gevan too),

Thank you for getting more pigeons. They are handy to have around. Now I can tie messages to their tiny feet and have them fly to Prince William to inform him of the rendezvous location. It is very Harry Potter-ish. The possibilities are exciting! Wait, what, what is that you say? These pigeons tumble and look like they are dying whilst flying? What else do they do? Have babies. Yes, and? Oh, nothing. Okay. Cool? I am glad we spent $15 on them and $20 in gas to drive to pick up their worthless pooping-in-their-water asses. Sorry Prince William. You will have to wait.

Sincerely, Emily Herold

Dear Stanley,

You are learning the ways of hunting well!

Peace be with you, Sensei

Dear Mom,

I cleaned out my fridge today, this included using soapy water and a rag. I did, however; put back all the moldy food. :)

Love, Emmy


TyMarrs said...

Actually, the pigeons will be quite useful for me, especially after I teach them to peck your eyes out.

Emily Herold said...

haha, they aren't that bad...I just like to tease. They are a little worthless though.

M.J. said...

Emily and Ty - I'm enjoying your blogs, but as a beloved anut, I must share my concerns about Ty's site and his recent blogs about his 2 new acquisitions - a fiancee and a tractor. The news of the engagement was very sweet ... nice job! However, in comparison, the tractor blog did seem to sort of go on about all the gidgets and gadgets, the potential of things to come, etc. I trust that Ms. E isn't being upstaged by the tractor. Time will tell when we see the role the tractor plays in your wedding. FYI regarding the pigeons ... What's the difference between releasing doves at a wedding or pigeons. Seems like a nice touch to me. :)

Emily Herold said...

haha, don't worry. The pigeons being released at a wedding has and is still being considered. :)

The Momma said...

Emily, does your health insurance include vision coverage? Seems like you may need it. And you might consider one of those accidental injury policies that cover loss of limbs or blindness. Hmm, I suppose blindness from trained eye-pecking birds might not be considered accidental.
Tyler Marrs, that is not even funny. I was traumatized as a teenager from watching ‘The Birds’ while babysitting. I run home that night with my arms over my head in order to avoid having my eyes pecked out.

Do you two ever have a face-to-face conversation or is it only through blogs?

Cleaning the frig? Soap and a rag? My, you are a big girl, Emmy. And a very responsible and sanitary one too! Now go take apart your Sonicare and clean it.

Love the mighty hunter video – mostly because I can hear your sweet voice. Please take a video of Gus freaking out and howling – that would really make me laugh.

Anut, Em is already used to being second fiddle to a vehicle. The Bronco. But it’s sad that she’s been moved into 3rd place….wait, where is Buk on the list? Well, Emily probably falls in the top 10.

I do not want bird poop on my car, or even worse, on my head at the wedding. And pigeons that appear to be dying when they fly – that’s just a bad idea.

M.J. said...

Em/Ty -- Just a reminder to read all the fine print on insurance accident policies ! Most require that you have to lose both an eye AND a limb AFTER being hit by a train to collect the big bucks! God forbid that that couldn't happen, but I'm not sure how close the train tracks are to your house. But, come to think of it, I think parts falling from a plane are also a part of the coverage for losing the eye/limb ! Just didn't want you to think you could just lose an eye or just an arm ! Dang that small print that must be very hard to read with one eye out of commission !