Friday, August 28, 2009

Doing the Can-Can

Garden Dill

One of the reasons I wanted this blog was to keep track of my canning recipes and pictures; however, I don't think I want to write out a new recipe every time I can because that is proving to be a lot. Instead, I will feature some of them and put different recipes of different garden goodies on here from time to time.

Today, I shall explore the canning business. When I was growing up, my family canned peaches we would get from Yakima. I hated canning day. I had to peel peaches. Fun....well, not exactly, especially not for a 10 year old. But like other things my parents forced me to do, it is proving to be beneficial knowledge for my adult life. I like canning.

Canning is a scary thing to do for the first time because you are trying new recipes and trying to figure out the right ratios of ingredients. Right now, I can only really can pickles because we don't have a pressure canner (wedding gift) that you have to have to can low acidic foods in order to kill certain bacteria. Needless to say, I am perfecting my craft....and the first batch of sweet pickles came out a bit vinegary and the first batch of sweet beans came out purse-your-lips vinegary. I guess more sugar is in order, actually, I learned that the ratio of sugar to vinegar is 1:1. Too bad I didn't realize that until about the 5th batch.

Tyler snapping the beans for me. Apparently, he hates that part.

My first batch of sweet and sour pickles. Tyler has been using them on his sandwiches.

My first batch of sweet pickles.

My first batch of sweet beans. Not so sweet. But pretty.

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The Momma said...

Who woulda thought you'd now enjoy so many of the things you hated growing up; canning, gardening, camping, hiking, eating your vegetables. Good thing we gave you such a horrible childhood, huh?!

Don’t take it personally but your jar of pickles looks a little bit scary; that brownish brine. But if Ty has been eating them and has not fallen ill then I guess they must be fine. Please don’t let Clairey eat any for at least a month or two though. I’d hate for all of you to succumb. You should enter some of your canned goods in the fair.

Hey, figure out how to make watermelon pickles. Miz Reed’s were so delicious. They’re pickled watermelon rind. I’ve never tried to make them. Maybe I’ll try too and we could compete at the fair.