Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Stuff

We have a lot of tomatoes this year and fortunately, I have found great uses for them, even though I am perfecting the recipes a bit. First, I made spaghetti sauce and it tasted very fresh and delicious. Next, I made salsa. I found a random recipe online that sounded pretty good and used a lot of peppers (which we also have in abundance). From the taste test jar a day after it was made, it really wasn't that good. It didn't help that I had a cold the day I made it and couldn't taste it because my nostrils were 100% plugged with snot and when I asked Tyler what it needed he said, "no, I wouldn't mess with it". I think he didn't want me messing with the recipe which turned out to be a bad idea, in my opinion, because I don't think I like it...at all. I won't even put the recipe here because it isn't very good but I will soon find a good one and post that. The pictures make it look good though.

On a different note, here is my fiance, Harry Poppins. I won't even go into the story about letting the birds out for the first time. Let's just say my roof has 3 days (and counting) worth of pigeon poop on it. dumb, DUMB, DUMB!

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Gevan said...

Oh I am so proud of Ty. Somewhere I must find the photo of me when I was about 10. I captured a baby pigeon, raised it and trained it to sit on my hand... sometimes the patterns are scary!