Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Week on the Farm

On August 25th, I canned "Dilly Beans", which are just pickled beans. I got the recipe out of a book from the library. I opened these said beans this last Sunday on October 4th and holy crap....they are awesome! I have only one regret, I didn't find this recipe until the end of the bean harvest so I only have enough cans for...myself. :)

The other exciting thing on the farm here is our wedding planning. Last week we had our engagement pictures taken here at our house. We don't have all of them back yet but we do have a preview. They were taken by Aubrey Joy Photo here in Bellingham. She is a local photographer who is our age. She took awesome pictures. I will post a couple, well more than a couple since I love them all. {you can click on them to make them a bigger size}


M.J. said...

Thanks for making all of your happinesses available to your beloved family and friends - from the beans to your sweet pictures. My most fav from this posting is the hug in the field --- so pretty !

Gevan said...

Why Em - I think you chose all the same ones as my favorites!

CJ said...

Emily I love those pictures! You guys are adorable and hilarious. Glad to see you guys so happy and enjoying your farm! Tell Ty I said hi!
CJ =)

Bethany said...

I like the pics. Especially the pitchfork one!