Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trial and Error

This is me. This is me failing. This picture was supposed to go with a great recipe posting but it didn't turn out so well. As I begin to try new recipes and make new things with our bounty, I sometimes hit the freaking mark! and sometimes I miss. A list of food that didn't turn out so well thus far: 1) salsa batch #1 2) kohlrabi pickles 3)pickled beans #1 and #2 (honestly). This picture is of me failing apple crumble. Blegh! I got the recipe off smitten kitchen. Usually her stuff is awesome but crumble is not good. The crumble part just doesn't taste great. It isn't buttery, it isn't savory, it is somewhat like eating bark crumble really. Even with ice cream. I ended up throwing it away.
To my credit though, I HAVE hit the mark on most things. I have no problem admitting when my hard work didn't turn out though. That's part of cooking and creating.

We accidentally glued the dogs together. Whoops. Error.

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M.J. said...

Ms. Emily your sweet picture kind of messes with my mind. I look at it and see you. I look again and see my sister, and another glance shows glimpses of Clairey. One of those morphing pictures, without the morph!

Were you making the crumble for your momski's upcoming birthday? Remember that momski's always have to be positive about their progeny's creations, so I'd send all 'failures' south.

Bummer about the siamese twin pups.