Monday, October 12, 2009

Gimme Heat

Since buying our house/land, the only major work has been gardening and painting the house. Neither of which cost too much money. However, our first major house project came and went this past week.

First, I would like to tell you how hard Tyler worked on this project. I did nothing and that really does make me feel worthless but I don't know that I would have been helpful. Tyler did it all and finished it very fast and, I am sure, very well, although I can't prove that since I refuse to go under the house. There are some dead animals parts under there and I don't do well in small spaces because if there an earthquake, you would be f'ed. Tyler goes.

Anyway, the project started out as repairs to the old heating ducts. Rats had been under the house (before we moved in) and tore it up so Tyler set to using duct tape for actual ducting and replaced some of the old ducts. After spending a weekend doing that, Tyler realized we probably should have the ducts cleaned in order not to die of rat-poo-poisoning this winter. Turns out, I agreed and we had some duct people come take a look at how much it would be to clean it. In the end, cleaning it cost more then just replacing the whole damn thing Tyler goes, again.

This last Saturday Tyler finished the whole thing and just in time! Now that it is actually 30 degrees at night, it is nice to have heat in the morning. ("When you're supposed to be up cooking breakfast for somebody" - find that quote here)

After it is all said and done I learned:
- Tyler can really work hard and not complain...once (a quality I don't have)
- It is beneficial to be a helpless girl sometimes
- It is great/necessary to have a savings account for those unexpected household expenditures.
- Tyler likes listening to opera whilst being under the house.
- Tyler is very knowledgeable and nice to have around. So far, the marriage is still on.
- I like chips and salsa. Oh wait, that's unrelated but that is what I am eating/making right now. More to come on how that turns out later.


Gevan said...

Uh... I went to your link, and I think you made a mistake. It's not "breakfast", it's "breffest"

But seriously, sounds like Ty-boy might be a worthwhile "catch" after all... nice to finally figure out what motivates him to work hard (much less without complaining!!).

Good job Ty-boy.

"MJB" said...

I think you have the makings of your Halloween costume this year - Handy guy and helpless girl !

Ms. Em, did you feel Grammie snapping you in the head with her fingers when you were typing this ? Afterall, she did spend her working life hitting the glass ceiling and perfecting the subtle manipulation of her higher ups ! You should have written SWEET helpless girl, as in "after all, I'm just a sweet little old lady." Duh !

I think Ty's subterannean outfit needs just a few tweaks to reach a 'Super Hero' status, i.e. he just needs a head cap thing that all Super Hero's seem to have and, of course, a cape (perhaps with a cobweb type look). And, I know, I know - he'll always be YOUR Super hero. Anutski

The Momma said...

What exactly do you think motivated him, Gevan….I’m trying to figure it out from the many options. Do you think it’s …..
a) fear of rat-poop-poisoning
b) wearing that snazzy outfit
c) getting away from his lovely but unhelpful beloved (lbub) for a few hours and listening to opera
d) hanging out hoping for an earthquake to spare him a lifetime with his lbub
e) keeping lbub warm and motivated to make his breffest
f) none of the above
g) all of the above