Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Worthless Veggies #2

I almost forgot to add a little recycling/delicious tip to this here blog. Last year I got the idea to save my veggie scraps and then after some time when I have a bag full, I just boil them all together with some herbs and what not and SHABAM (!), I have veggie broth for rice, soups, beans, etc. It is so easy to do and a great use for things that otherwise see a garbage can or compost (if they are lucky). So, next time you are peeling onions, cutting the butt off garlic, discarding your cabbage leaves, etc...put those in a bag, slap that bag in the freezer and in no time flat you will have the fixings for a veggie broth. Let it all boil for a couple hours, drain into a large bowl and THEN compost the no-longer-flavorful remains, ladle into jars and put in the fridge or freezer. YAY for recycling!


The Momma said...

Eeeewwww, that seems icky to me and does not look appealing (or should I say apeeling). But it does make sense that it would boil down to non-icky broth...still...ick.
Do you find that composting papertowels works well and they break down at the same rate as food?

M.J. said...

If the paper towels are in with the veggies can they be included in the boiling process, thus adding an additional fiber component ?

Emily Herold said...

I just made an edit to the post, you have to drain the liquid out of course and then throw away the veggies. You are trying to get the flavor out of them and keep that broth. I guess that wasn't clear the first time.
As far as paper towels, they go into our food recycling bin which the city composts. We don't compost food because we fear it will attract rats. You should google the paper towel situation though.