Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Da Farm

We finally decided on a farm name.

It is clever, it has our name it in (kinda), it has a nice ring to it.

And now after all that hype, I can't tell you.

I am so very sorry but I have decided not to ever put our farm name on my  bloggie here. It would just be my luck that some person would google our name, this blog would pop up, and the person would get offended with all my shits, fucks, and poops. We just can't have that. It is hard enough that we can't even grow anything with all this damn rain so I will keep my image clean with the customers and they will never know I am a potty mouth sass face.

I can tell you that is isn't:
Better From Afarm
Buk's Place
S&S Farm
Aladdin & JaFarm
EmTy Farms

All great names.


TheAnut said...

Have you considered having one area of your land as a rice paddy? Don't they need wet,wet,wet?

The Momma said...

Are you saying 1) you're going to always present yourself in a professional, kind manner to your customers or is it that 2) you plan to let Ty do all the interactions? Probably better opt for #2 if the Farmers Market opens early in the morning.