Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Diet Update

As you should know and know and know, I did the elimination diet laid out in the Whole Food Nutrition book. Things went well. I was on it for over a month.

(side note: on my birthday, I saw one of the creators of the diet/book at the whole food cafe we went to for lunch. I didn't say anything to him but I thought it was pretty cool. He is a celebrity in my eyes. But then again, I don't have high standards.)

I thought it was potatoes that was making my stomach ill. I seem fine with them now.

Then, I thought it may be beans. But, I just polished off half a jar of basil dilly beans and my pooper seems a-okay.

However, the past two days, I have had some sort of stomach thing. Not painful but certainly there. I think it is just a case of starting to eat processed crap that are gluten and/or dairy based products.

I have to say, when I was mid-diet and not eating dairy or gluten or even corn really, I was on top of the world. I had never felt better. But, the chips and salsa were certainly calling my name! So corn was back in pretty quick. I still felt fine after corn but it does open a lot of doors into processed foods.

From the diet, I learned a couple things and I am very thankful that I did it. The diet reminded me that I can make good food everyday with veggies and whole foods and it will taste amazing. Because of this, I have decided to stay away from dairy and gluten (hard if you think about it) but when I want ice cream or pizza ain't nothing gonna stop me from stuffin' my face.

Oh yea, that was probably the other problem. I eat more than my stomach can handle about 92% of the time. When I was on my diet and digesting things at a fast pace, that wasn't such of a problem. Now, I need to eat only when I am hungry.

So, here's to bread and cheese, I won't be seeing you guys as much and I will miss our past relationship but I know I can be strong and move on (and I won't get the trots now so that is a plus).

Amazing book! And der, of course I got it from the library, I don't pay for shit.


TheAnut said...

A couple of questions ... Where do the Kettle Chips stand ? Are they gluten free ?

And what's with the rainbow of Craft paints bottles in the background of your photo? Most people might own one or two bottles for a project, not two tubs ! Craft paint is pretty chemically laden --- perhaps you need to consider going more organic there. FYI that mustard can provide a lovely yellow.

The Momma said...

I was sad Sam's picture was gone and then I scrolled further and there he was! Thank you for having a Pepperworth Memorial section.

I'm glad you figured out what foods work best for you. Bummer that you have to eliminate things that are you really like but you've already made a big diet choice by going vegan so I know you'll do fine with this too. Now your restaurant can feature dairy & gluten-free.