Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just so you know

This is what I ate for dinner tonight.

Spinach, lentil, rice casserole. Peas. Roasted brussel sprouts.

It actually was all right, even if it looks like diarrhea with carrots. The peas were especially good! I cooked them for 15 minutes with onions. Delicious.


The Momma said...

Real food you can chew! Lucky girl. I hope you're able to discover what foods cause discomfort. At least your system is squeaky clean. Good for you.

The Momma said...

I'm sad. I just realized as they crowned Miss America 2011 that Emily Herold will never earn that title 'cuz there is no Miss Emily Herold anymore....sob. I'll get over it. Oh no! Miss Claire Herold doesn't have time to win either. Where did I go wrong?

TheAnut said...

Granddaughters, ladies ! Your Momski needs granddaughters. No worries - I'll make sure she doesn't pass over to the 'Toddlers with Tiaras' side.

I did think the Ventriloquist/Yodeling act last night has winning potential into the 2030's. If your beloved Momma and I start that Talent discussion now, we'll be ready with all the props and cute Norwegian 'Heidi-type' costumes you'll need when your girls are ready. (The props, BTW will be WAY cuter than last nights, which were a bit creepy. Your dad might actually be able to carve the initial prototype, which can be refined over the years.) I might suggest that you two and your respective beloveds start working on yodeling as you go about your daily routines, so your yodeling will be at its highest form when the babies arrive.

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

You two don't make sense. :) Time to put you in that home together.

Gevan said...

Roasted brussels sprouts. Yum. The best.