Monday, January 10, 2011


I forgot to tell everyone what I gave away to some family members on Christmas...

One night, T and I were watching No Impact Man and although the documentary as not at all as good as the book, it made me evaluate my own environmental practices. Right, like I don't already do that? I know, I know. *hippy alert* It is just inspiring every time.

Anywho, I started thinking about plastic lunch baggies and how we use those everyday. I can't even imagine how many of those there are in landfills. In order to make me feel better about that though, I make T bring his used baggies home everyday so I can wash them for re-use. I mean, we have saved a lot from just being thrown away. However, I started thinking about it and I know those things probably break down over time so that we are getting nice little bits of plastic in our bodies. So, I was wondering what I could do to use cloth.

Then it hit me, I'll just make some. So, that same night at like 9:30pm, I took some old oil cloth and an old curtain and sewed them together with some velcro to make myself a sandwich baggie. It works great.

I used an old broken laundry basket for the oil cloth and reused the velcro too!

I have made about 25 now and it is super easy and it is a good way to use up old cloth. The only thing that I really need to buy is oil cloth (not vinyl) and velcro.

When I am ready to wash them (and I do use them for more then one day at a time) I simply turn them inside out and wash with dish soap. Then I hang them to dry on my little baggie dryer.

My first finished bag. The newer ones were much better.

T hasn't used any though. I am not sure what he is scared of. Maybe boys will make fun of him at work, I don't know.

Here is where I got my pattern if I have inspired you. I plan on making more so I have enough to use for multiple things!


The MOB said...

I have some of these and Ollie loves using them. I haven't made any, but maybe I will have to start.

Cherl said...

Can you make one with a tractor on it?