Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Pleasantly Plump

I have a chubby child. I actually have had a chubby child before but made that one slim down because he was getting large. A strict food and exercise (chasing around) regimen was called for.

This time, my baby is chubbier than the first. And, it is all my fault. Well, maybe not all my fault, I feed the thing and then he goes and pushes his brothers out of the way to get more food. The only time he doesn't think he is hungry is when he has already ate 2 servings of food and is happily playing with twisty-ties.

Simon is only about 8 months old and definitely weighs more than Sam, but Stanley still has some good pounds on him. I am sure it is due to the fact that he isn't outside running all that baby chunk away but still his small head and chubby body are the laughing stock of the house. He sits on poor Sam and holds him down. That, we don't laugh about.

I just hope that when he is old enough and it is warm enough for Simy to go outside, he isn't the laughing stock of the neighborhood. I don't want him to come home with his tail tucked between his legs crying because McLovin called him a Tub'o'Lard. And, I swear, if that Mr Meow lays a single paw on Simon or hurts him with words (ear splitting cries because my strong boys trapped him under the porch yet again. Don't cross the Pepperworths), Mr Neighbor is going to have a thing or two coming from this cat loving crazy mama.

At least Simon is smart so he has that going for him. His personality is definitely different from his brothers. He acts like the young annoying, yet funnier, brother. Hopefully Princess and Tabitha will find that charming. Oh who am I kidding? 1) No child of mine will like a Princess 2) Simon is a fatty, no Princess will find him charming. He will just be the "funny" guy and do impressions of dying birds, barking dogs and the like. His mommy loves him with all her heart though, so that's all that counts.

 The Progression of Tub'o'Lard
if my future human babies plan on getting chunky (which they will), I will post their progression pictures too. hopefully it will teach them a lesson
This is the first day we had him. Perhaps it all started here.

3 months old
6 months old. The stomach roll is beginning.
8 months old.
Also 8 months old. It's like he went from healthy chubs to fatty.


TheAnut said...

But his fur is oh, so soft and snuggly ! Remember, you did find him crying in a ditch at a very wee age. I'm sure the pretty boy has some abandonment issues.

The Momma said...

I was laughing until I got to the pictures. Then OMG! I saw him 3 weeks ago and he didn't look that huge. Why don't you let him outside? He could probably kill a coyote.
I remember when your baby sister outweighed you. We'd hear, "help, the baby's got me" and we'd find Claire sitting on you. Guess it's a family tradition.

TheAnut said...

Question? In the last chubby-wubbins photo, has the SiMonster pinned another animal with black paws on the bed, or is that just laundry?