Friday, January 21, 2011

*This Just In*

I can eat potato chips now!

I am sure the founders of the Whole Food Elimination Diet didn't have potato chips in mind as phasing in "nightshade vegetables" but according the kettle sea salt chips ingredients I am good to go. Potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt. Booyah.

Although I have lost about 8 lbs, I am certain to gain it back by the end of today. (not really, I can only eat about 10 anyway, I just like to think that I could eat more)

I Love You Kettle Chip


The Momma said...

Lost 8 lbs! Good God! Hang on to something when it's windy. (And by the way, thanks a lot for sending them to me - now I'll have to go on a stupid starvation, I mean, elimination diet)

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

I gained 10+ pounds over the holidays so no, I definitely will not blow over in the wind.