Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dieting and Dreaming

Okay so, I dream. Don't you love it when people tell you their dreams? You are like, cool. That is crazy. Whoa, what do you think that means? ....and all that shit.

So.........listen to my dream:

As we somewhat know, my most memorable dreams include teenybopper boys. JTT, Joey McIntyre, Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake and any other boyband member that shared a group with the aforementioned hunks. (no need to google all those guys. they are boyband members sometimes with brown hair, sometimes with bleach blond) My dreams are/were innocent. I begin as a friend and then make them fall in love with me. Sometimes they sing me a song. We sit on couches and talk. I may have even done a choreographed dance with JT, I can't really remember 100%. Anyway, it is always so fun and then I wake up. I used to wake up alone. Now with my husband. And his morning hair. No choreographed pop-lock dancing.

Anywho, what was my point?

Oh yea.

So I am dieting, blah, blah, we know.

I have dreamt twice about accidentally eating things I am not suppose to on my diet and I get SO mad because I totally f-ed it up for nothing. I have been eating yams and apples and adzuki beans until they come out my ears and I go and accidentally eat a pizza...or lasagna with turkey....I know weird...and that sounds so f-ing good btw....and I am so mad.

The other night, JT was my buddy and we were chatting over coffee and I was so lovestruck I drank the damn coffee. It was raining. In case you were wondering. And then I was mad but didn't want to tell him because then I would have to explain what I am dieting for and it just wasn't worth it.

So I wake up a bit angry. a) because it takes me a second to realize I didn't break my diet beyond repair. b) JT is gone and so is my latte.


TheAnut said...

Glad you posted for posterity so you can return here years down the road when you have children. Current dreams will pale compared to those you might have as a new mom. Mom dreams are all about having a baby, but then forgetting that you had a baby and failing to provide any kind of care and/or leaving the sweet bushkin somewhere and forgetting him/her. FYI DSHS does intervene in dreams.

The Momma said...

Somehow the end got deleted. You know, the part where all your anger faded away as you opened your eyes and saw your sweet bedheaded husband with one of the kitty boys curled beside him and you were filled with happiness & love knowing your real life is so much better than any diet breaking, band boy loving dream.