Monday, January 24, 2011

New Name

I already got (notice I wrote got, "not had to change". Progress? yes.) my new name, after marriage. Now it is time for my hunny buns to get a new name...for this blog.

From this day forth, T will now be known as Mr. Pepperworth. Yes, I will spell it out every time.

At work, I get the pleasure of entering thousands of children into a database. One kid had the last name of Pepperworth. I love it! I totally wish I would have seen that name before I went to the Social Security Office and got my new card. If I had, my name would be Emily Saltn Pepperworth. Maybe Peppaworth.

Rolls off the tongue so nicely. And it is a food reference, what could be better? Peppermashpotatoes? Possibly.

Anywho, because I want this name, it is now T's new name in hopes that he will like it and change his name. Chances? Good.

Introducing Mr. Pepperworth


The Momma said...

lol Luv it!
Hey, Pepperworth Farm.....sounds flavorful, sincere, and wholesome. Maybe you found your name.
SaltnPepperworth Farm even better but awfully lengthy for advertising.
Peppaworth Farm written in graffiti style would be radical but not appropriate to your client base.

The Momma said...

T.P. - Ty's initials would be perfect for a Puyallup lad.
T.P.E.P. - say both your initials fast 3 times.
Fine! I'm going to bed.