Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Crock

Today was super exciting because I decided to use my crock. That's right, I got a crock for my birthday and decided to break it in today. What is a crock you ask? Well, you probably wouldn't know because you aren't a dork but let me tell you. A crock is a traditional piece of stoneware used to ferment vegetables. They are extra special (and expensive) because they are easy to use and have special powers to keep food fermenting without molding.

Since I decided to start my fermenting now, I wasn't able to use any of our own harvest but I did buy some organic carrots, red cabbage, and jalapenos to begin my first batch.

 Because I like vegetables, I decided to just go for it and put all my favorite vegetables in the crock and see what happens. Therefore, I don't want to put the recipe up yet in case it was a piece of crap. I am guessing that can't happen but they are fermented veggies. Still, I can't wait for my first batch!! Only 3 - 6 weeks away. Hah! Seriously, though.

The crock from the top. Those are two ceramic stones to hold everything down
Fermented vegetables are somewhat similar to pickled things but have a stronger taste and have live cultures that make your body sing with joy. Traditionally sauerkraut was fermented but the stuff you get in stores now is just pickled cabbage. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pickles but I am looking forward to eating fermented veggies for their health benefits. It is somewhat an acquired taste but I eat some weird ish so I am not worried.

All the layers inside the crock


TheAnut said...

The boys' grandpa made Kimchee in the office basement for years. He didn't have a crock and it was stink-y ! Then there's that dad of yours that's been fermenting brews for a long time as well. His just explode ! Seems to be a culinary procedure that has some inherent issues.

In the same vein, I was given some starter for Amish Friendship Bread (the 'chain letter' of baking) and now have bags of starter to give away. Would you like 1 or 2 ? Not that it would ever replace sweet Sam, but it is a living thing that you have to care for and/or it is a fermenting type of process.

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

Anut - Unfortunately I can't eat bread anymore, at least not wheat flour bread. Thanks for thinking of me though. Love ya.