Friday, March 4, 2011

"Sneezus Christ," says He

Things have been slow on the farm. I don't know if it is suppose to be slow but no one has told me to do anything. Actually, not true, I did weed 3/4 of the front flower bed. But, then I got tired/bored.

Mr Pepperworth has been busy though. Spending money. Buying seeds, greenhouse plastic, door knobs, and child locks.  He is doing some garden planning and home improvement projects. By the way, the child locks are for the damn cats that learned how to get in the garbage and feed the dog leftover lunch meat. Twice. Sick.

Anywho, because things have been ho-hum, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some of the things I love most, my family members. We all know I love my babies pretty much almost the most but then they get in the garbage together and that drops them a couple notches on the love-scale.

I will be starting the family exposè with my handsome husband. I know I have talked about him briefly hither and thither but I would like to focus a full post to his honor.

Good Ole Trustworthy Mr Pepperworth
Mr Pepperworth is the butter to my bread, the pepper to my salt, and the super to my sonics. I love the guy super a lot.

Let me give you a little background story about how I met Mr Pepperworth....

It was 9th grade. I had just moved to a new city and was uber nervous about going to a new school. I didn't know anyone and was nervous about who I would sit with at lunch. Sitting alone at lunch would totally have ruined me socially. I am getting a little ahead of myself though. Back to class before lunch. Specifically, band class. (I know, talk about ruining me socially.) During class, Mr. Red-faced Passive Conductor introduced me and impressed/annoyed everyone by saying I was second chair clarinet at my old school. Mr. Conductor sat me in the front row and I probably pooped my pants because I totally was not ever second chair (more like I spat on second chair's head from the next row back). Mr Pepperworth says he remembers this story vividly and how he may have been impressed by my clarinet abilities. What this mostly means though is that he remembers the first day he ever set eyes on his wife. How f-ing romantic, huh?!

Band Class. Can you find me and the boy?
Anywho, a couple of days into band, I am sitting near Mr Pepperworth (who also happens to play the clarinet and is actually second chair) and I say, "you are Mr Pepperworth, right? I think your (younger) brother is dating my (younger) sister." Mr Pepperworth responds with a heart fluttering, "um, yea." Actually, I don't think it made my heart melt. I think I had a crush on a Mr. T. Anderson.

But later that school year, after realizing that Mr Pepperworth had all the babes seeking his attention, I decided I would take a swing at him. All it took was some band jokes, tripping, an "accidental" brushing of the arm, etc to win Mr Pepperworth over. I totally won. I beat Kendra, Brianna, Kim, Kim, Rachel, and probably some others. (For those of you I am still friends with and you actually read this secretly, I apologize, except to Kendra...for obvious reasons.)

Then, I broke up with him in the first week of 10th grade. Whoops.

After about three years of realizing that I really did love the guy and writing "Mrs Pepperworth" on notes, I won the sucker over, again. Boo-f-ing-yah! But seriously, Mr Pepperworth is super funny and slightly nerdy. Both of which I find oh so charming.  Luckily he finds those traits charming in me as well.

More things I love about the guy are:

8) Mr Pepperworth's curly hair. But cut short, definitely cut short. Oh lordy.
You'd think this was 1973. Try 2003.
7) Mr Pepperworth's musical abilities. He did used to sing me songs on his guitar but now he just turns the music up to the 11th volume at ten o'clock at night which I don't like as much but you learn to live with it sometimes.

6) Mr Pepperworth plants me dem veg.a.tbles. You can't find that in many ole joes.

5) Mr Pepperworth keeps me happy with his accents and funny terms like "Sneezus Christ" when the dog sneezes.

4) Mr Pepperworth finishes the chore list when I leave it. But only when I leave it.

3) Mr Pepperworth loves his Bronco and tractor and sometimes I feel left out but he always sleeps in my bed. The night he sleeps in the Bronco, there will be problems.

Again, during his freak-flag-fly phase
2) Mr Pepperworth has really nice calves and likes to keep in tip top trim shape, always nice in a man.

1) But most importantly, Mr Pepperworth eats what I make. Sometimes he doesn't want to eat string beans but he doesn't complain much and doesn't mind being a vegan for 85% of his life. That's a true man.

Boy, I love my farmer with all my farmer wife heart.

Next Family Member: Father Michael Francis


TheAnut said...

Awwwww .... you two are a match made ! I'll forever have the memory of you harvesting your garden together, just days before your wedding, gathering your veggies to take to your caterer. The start of a warm day with the two of you sitting side by side out in your plot, cleaning your produce and quietly talking.

Methinks, too, that in his long hair phase, Mr. PW resembles Sunday School pictures of a certain Christian VIP, if but a bit too red headed. I guess only time will tell . . . but you'd probably best treat him well, just in case.

TheAnut said...

Oops - my bad. An edit to my above post is needed. Correction is: if but a bit too GINGER headed.

The Momma said...

Add to Mr Pepperworth's fine qualities; being quick witted and knowing his Norwegian fairy tales.
He had ME at,"tis I? Billy Goat Gruff?"

Gevan said...

OMG. What a collection of photos and memories. Great post Em.