Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brothers Alike

With Sam gone, we have been holding the other children to higher standards. They must be good and responsible boys. They must come when called, accept love at any point and have sweet dispositions.

Luckily Simon is trying extra hard....

Simon this week has start sleeping on Buk's bed instead of pissing on it. p.s. he did look sweeter when he was sleeping.

Sam loved to sleep on Buk's bed and we usually found him sleeping with Buk in the morning.

It makes my heart melt.

p.s. Yes, we get Buk's beds at Goodwill. We choose the best comforter for King Buk.

Speaking of Buk, he isn't doing as well with the adjustment period.


Gevan said...

I don't think I've ever seen Buk so cowed.

TyMarrs said...

Well, he is basically cow-tied (haha!).

The Momma said...

Tiny little Sammy...Buk is probably thinkin' 'bout him.