Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Chill?

Whew! I got a good share of winter these last couple of days. Me, I like winter. I like the cold weather and the time to sit inside and do inside work. We know that though.

Mr Pepperworth and I took a mini-vacation Valentine's weekend and had a great time. We left the responsible kids at home with a babysitter and took the irresponsible ones to the grandparents. We then drove into the cold and had some sun and snow and a pool heated like a hot tub. It was totally rad. Sitting in the "pool" with a drank and snow coming down is just as good as relaxing on a beach with a drank and playing paddleball. That means it is bliss.

We did some cross country skiing and snowshoeing. We burned calories but then we celebrated Valentine's Day (and our 6 month wedding anniversary) by eating half of a 6 inch gluten-free, vegan cake from the place that made our vegan wedding cake. It was totally delicious and the rest of the 3 inch diameter cake will be eaten in the next couple of days.

Got a little beat up in the car.
Other than skiing, pooling, and eating, we managed to fit in some cribbage and 80s movies. Apparently I forgot to remind Mr Pepperworth to bring a book (or at least that is what he said) so he had nothing to do but watch the downhill skiers crash and the VHS tapes of the condo owners. I had predicted there would be a Veggie Tales or something similar but no, we had some quality 80s movies and taped-from-tv soaps.

After watching The Siege (awful) and the last 40 minutes of Talk Radio (because he didn't rewind the tape), Mr Pepperworth finally gave up after 5 minutes of The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Chill. Seriously, did you know they made a Land Before Time III even? Christ, that is a lot of young dinosaurs dealing with human emotions and problems. I am sure the Big Chill didn't end well for those young dinos though and there hopefully probably wasn't a Land Before Time IX. Who knows though, maybe the Big Chill only killed the land dinos and IX is about the flying dinos finally getting killed off. Tragic, I know but seriously, kids need to learn the dinosaurs died at some point. (I wasn't a big Land Before Time kid, if you couldn't tell.)

I won, twice.
So, although the tv entertainment was not ideal, it added to the laughs and relaxation that vacation is supposed to bring. All in all, it was a perfect trip and a super great Valentine's Day with my sweet.

Doesn't look sweet, but hims is.

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Gevan said...

Lucky. Looks like great fun.