Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did You Know?

This is a "did you know" of some random thoughts/trivia facts:

1. I bought a lot of flower seeds/tubers this weekend. I can't wait to get them all started and going!

2. Cloth diapering is a complicated system these days with so many options! It is hard to understand all the different diaper methods. Although, after watching these videos, things are a bit clearer.

3. Kids say funny things when they realize you are pregnant. Some good ones include, "Is that a baby (pointing to your stomach)?" "Are you making a baby in there (again, pointing at your stomach)?" "Are you pregnant? I thought you looked big." Oh, the joys of working with kids everyday.

4. Hippopatomus milk is pink.

5. Being 26 weeks pregnant makes you feel huge (because you can't squeeze into your pre-pregnancy pants anymore and after a workout your body hurts all over!) but then when you see a picture you realize that you really aren't that big.

6. The Ruzzle app is the best! It is Boggle for the ithing system.

7. I haven't beaten my younger sister at Ruzzle yet and I have played her at least 20 times.

8. I can't pass the chip aisle without purchasing new chips. I have 5 bags of different chips open right now because while I keep buying them, I don't eat them faster. My favorite at the moment are Dill Pickle Lays.

9. When you ask people what a baby dear is called, most will answer "doe" quickly. The answer is "fawn". Try it.

10. I have a cute husband.


Garden Street Zoo said...

We have used bum genius cloth diapers and they are fantastic - if you go with them, go with the snaps. I may actually be selling my stash soonish (most of which we purchased with H) if I can get H potty trained soonish (totally jinxed it!), but I will keep you in the loop if I do sell them.

Cherl said...

Make people buy you diaper service for your baby shower (assuming you're having one)!

Try Beanfields chips. Chips with beans in them. No really, try it, they're awesome.

That's it.