Friday, December 18, 2009

Note to Self:

I would say most people living in the county have a dog. The dog(s) get to roam the property and be happy. Some of them are outside dogs, some are inside dogs, and the spoiled rotten ones are the dogs that get to stay inside and be warm but go outside to run independently. Buk and Gus, our dogs, fit in the third category. The summer months are great, the rainy months are not so great. The dogs come in with the muddiest paws, dirtiest stomachs, and usually bleeding from something. They don't mind though, they LOVE it. They also love to find dead things. At least, that is what I am guessing that stank is. Gus, rarely Buk, comes home probably 50% of the time smelling like rotten bodies. It is so gross. He obviously rolls around in deadness and so his whole body and collar are sick! In fact, he did this today and here is my story....

I am going to work late today so I use my morning to clean the house and get ready for a dinner party we are having the next night. I let the dogs out because I will be home for awhile and they have ample time to wander back home. They come home. One of them stinks like deadness. It's Gus. Go figure. I have about 30 min to get ready and I still need to take a shower. Great idea!! Gus will just come in the shower with me then Sis won't have to give him a bath when she gets home. Into the shower we go. Gus does all right. He only doesn't like it when I try to hold him on his back to get water on his belly. He is cute in the shower. Shower over, that was fine. Note to self: that was NOT fine, no showering with the dogs! Floor, all wet. Stomach, covered in Gus hair. Towel, now covered in Gus hair. Clean? Gus, yes. Me, no. Gross.

Gus will be happy that was his last co-shower.


The Momma said...

Hims does look so cute! I'm sure you looked just as cute with a furry belly. Did Gussy shampoo your hair for you?
PS: Try to remember this lesson if Sam or Stanley get dirty.

Christina said...

I had the same brilliant plan once, but I didn't get as far as you. Basil gets ear infections if water gets in 'em and so a shower just wont work.

That's not to say I didn't stand there and think about the "two-birds-one-stone" logistics for a good 10 minutes first.