Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get it. Watch it. Think about it.

Last year a movie named, Food Inc. came out on the scene. I don't think it was played in theaters, lord knows it wasn't actually. But Bellingham has an independent movie theater where it did play, The Pickford Theatre. I had heard about this movie but of course, I don't spend money on movies as I can't justify spending $9 for that when I can get it for free later (Library...shout out!). So after months of waiting, actually forgetting about it, I got it from the library. Every time a movie that I have on hold comes to me, it is like a new present, it’s great.

Anywho, this week we watched Food Inc. It was pretty much stuff I already knew; the food industry is pretty corrupt and the nasty-ass food is much cheaper than healthy food because of government subsidies which leads to poor farming practices and genetic engineering which leads to poor health which leads to poor people eating crap and getting sick, blah, blah, blah. However, it is great to watch films like this once in awhile because it reminds me why I want to eat local and what I can do to NOT support that industry. I want people to be healthy and support local growth but with big business controlling everything (and things you don't even think about, like soybeans) it is hard to get away from it. People want things cheap and so they buy these things that have poor employee practices and support big businesses. That’s capitalism, which is fine, but I think it has gone a little too far in this case.
It makes me happy that we are trying to be more self sustainable and the movie makes me want to own a farm with animals and gardens galore. Although I don't want to eat meat, it seems like a cool idea to grow animals that you kill and sell to local people. I don't want to kill them but if people are going to eat them instead of meat from factories with horrible employee conditions and poor animal practices, I would like to provide that opportunity.
Honestly, I don't think we will ever get that productive but it is nice to at least do these things for ourselves.

I recommend that people see Food Inc. It makes you think about your food and where it comes from. It isn't about animal cruelty or anything and it isn't trying to make you a vegetarian at all. In fact, it wants you to eat meat. The producers just want you to think about reading labels and what you are supporting by buying certain foods. It makes you think about what is important to you because it's true, some people don't care about what they support buying food, they just need/want it cheap, which is fine. Personally, I would rather spend more money on local food and less on other things (like movies). So, I want you to watch Food Inc. and make that decision for yourself.

Plus, how can you not want to see this farmer? In this pose!

It is Joel Salatin, he runs a pretty sweet farm. He's a little odd though.

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