Monday, November 30, 2009

Really Getting my Goat

This last holiday weekend was wonderful. I got to relax and not worry about chores. I got to watch TV, go shopping, read, and knit. I even watched TWO movies (Bruno, eh. The Great Buck Howard, eh +). Who knew I could have so much time to do jack shit?!
Anywho, I let my dad cook for me. I say "let" because my dad assumes vegetarians only eat vegetables and can never think of a version of something I might eat. Alas, the weekend has come where my father realizes that I DO eat everything, just without meat. AND...there are meat substitutes (beans, mushrooms, soy stuff, etc) for everything. I am proud Dad.

So after some coaxing, my dad did a little net research and *gasp* used a recipe (with his own variations, of course)! It was delicious. He made me some Indian food, which I must admit, I do not make often because I can't make it taste very good. Dad made two dishes one was Mutter Panner and the other was a chickpea something. They were both very flavorful. I preferred the latter of the two and I think I realized why the next day....
I will say, I ate all of the Mutter Panner that night Dad had his vegetarian epiphany and it wasn't until I went to eat leftovers I discovered the dreaded ingredient. I think reheating the stuff in the microwave made it bubble up and rear its ugly head. I couldn't eat it anymore, so sad.

GOAT CHEESE! I hate that f-ing stuff. Blegh. I have a good taste palate but I cannot bring myself to eat that plasticy cheese. I don't know what it is really but holy crap it ruins any delectable it touches.

Needless to say, I don't cook with that but Tyler loves it. The only time he gets it is when he orders the Northwest Pizza from Boundary Bay Brewery. He loves it! In fact, it was that pizza that made me realize I hated the stuff. The pizza is: salmon, capers, goat cheese and something else mouth watering. However, when I ordered it about five years ago, I ate one piece and stopped. I thought it was bad salmon. I didn't learn until my second try that it was goat cheese. Boo.

Goats. Boo.

Anywho, here are pics of Dad's creation. It looked so good! You can find the recipe here if you do in fact like the devil's milk (actually, turns out, Dad substituted goat cheese for paneer cause he couldn't find it. Do the same if you dare. If not, just use cottage cheese for my sake).....

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Gevan said...

I certainly agree with "Goats - Boo", however I cannot agree about goat cheese, which is mightly tasty. Hardly ever met a cheese I didn't like.