Saturday, November 21, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

As I have mentioned before, I do not have a keen eye when it comes to detail. I do not have any artistic ability and cannot manage to decorate my house. This means, for my wedding, I recruit my mom and sister and Tyler's mom to decorate. I know what colors I like I just cannot vision the final product. I think I have just given up trying. When I was younger I thought I was an artist and I went to draw a dog and it turned out to be a "side profile" consisting of circles with one long dangley ear. This was when I gave up.
Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning my house and the sun was getting low in the sky. The house was warm and outside was stormy. As I was tidying up the living room I looked up and thought, this really doesn't look so bad. I have some good pieces, like I like my coffee table and my lamp, but I don't know if they fit together. We always joke that our house looks like the 70's blew up in it and that bothers me. Yesterday though, I thought it looked a little more modern. So I took pictures because I thought, this cannot be true, my eyes are seriously just messing with me. I kept taking pictures and looking up from the camera and wondering if it was really that bad. I don't trust myself.
I still haven't decided if it has come together very well but I figured I would let others tell me if my random decorating skills are adequate.....

Please note that I hate this Christmas Cactus. Although I like having color in the house this pink is just a little too much for me.

I do really want a new entertainment center. One that is taller.

Marrs hasn't quite fixed the wiring yet. It runs across random things.

Pretend the chair is recovered.

Oh god, the 70's did blow up. Where are the orange and green curtains? Humph!


The Momma said...

Yes, but a very stylish 70's. The speakers we set everything on in the 70's were on the floor and much much used to have some, didn't you...see, you've upgraded. Besides, at first all your money goes to buying the house; later you're able to afford decorating it.
What cracks me up is seeing things that we actually had in our house in the 70's (sorry, didn't mean to depress you further) (I liked the 70's!)(And I really like your home - it's cozy and you can put your feet up on things without getting in trouble.
Hey, I can macrame you some curtains for Xmas. I made some for us in the 70's and they looked groovy!

The lighting IS great and golden. I like looking into the green room to the shelves, plant, and guitar. Nice flooring in there. Where are the animals that are usually milling about? I can't find a single one.

You need something on that wall besides a switch.
Too much pink! Is that not a primary wedding color?
Wonder how that pear got separated from it's pear family?

M.J. said...

Now don't you be beating yourself up! As a fellow Aquarian, it's possible that we don't possess the eye for subtle detail that your Scorpio Mom-ski does. She does have an innate talent for design and color, which began at a very early age when she painted her 'stuff cabinet' yellow & orange. I've never painted a dang thing and I, too, can't draw worth beans . . . but I CAN trace !

I also think your photo views from one room to another depict a very warm and cozy home. Having a sister and a MIL with decor skills, I've just learned to love decorating my house with things I like/love and developing a thicker skin to self-critical commentary. When you throw 'cheap/frugal' into the whole decorating mix, it's helpful to live in a RRR world where having furniture from grandparents that's just old, not cooly antique, is at least socially acceptable now.

Don't forget you're just starting out and have years of accumulating ahead of you, not to mention life style changes. Decor will take a drastic turn when you add your passel of home schooled children to the mix! And don't forget you're SUPPOSE to incorporate the interests of your beloved too. That can be a challenge ... it's not easy having a 'pretty' home when you're outnumbered by family members that prefer to be surrounded by all things football or hockey!